Wisdom is never acquired unlike Knowledge which is obtainable through history, observations and studying.

Charles Ogbu in his article titled ANAMBARA ELECTION; BIAFRA IN THE EYE OF THE STORM shows vividly that he lacks knowledge of history of the Igbo race and Biafra nation in its entirety. I acknowledge the wisdom that lead him to putting up such a wonderful article to deconstruct and reconstruct him back to the normal track because I can actually deduce that he is woefully plying of the track as regards to Biafra struggle lead by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the great.

Biafra agitation for the restoration of the greatest nation to be on the face of the earth peacefully lead by our amiable and adorable leader Nnamdi Kanu have not come to key inn to the political structure of our oppressors since 50 years now rather we have come with dedication to restore Biafra despite what may have been put in place to detar us by the Nigerian government, we will continually remain resolute and concentrated to our quest not even the November Anambara gubernatorial election can change our stance for the restoration of God's kingdom on earth which is Biafra.

Therefore no matter the suffering that Calvary may pose on us, the command to boycott the November Anambara guber and any other form of election in Biafra Land under Nigeria captivity remains sacrosanct as you may have witnessed in the LGA election at Ebonyi state sometime ago this year.

Boycotting of any election in this fraudulent Nigeria state can never lead the Igbo's of Biafra to any political perdition as you ascerts rather it will be a catalyst to the restoration of our sovereign state which is Biafra as it will practically lay bare the atrocities of the political class of the Nigerian state to the witness of the entire world showing in its practical form that election is not worn in this part of the world by the votes of the people.

Boycotting of Anambara election can never be tantamount to tying a political rope round the neck of Ndi-Igbo of Biafra and can never squeeze breathe out of them because there have never been any period in the history of politics in Nigeria that the WILL of the masses have counted even when the masses spend their time, energy and resources to exercise their voting rights in other to elect a leader of their choice which in many occasions turned against them as the new government which feels that his wining was not championed by the votes of the masses comes inn to destroy their business arenas and means of livelihood instead of delving into the underdeveloped areas for development and building new or reconstructing the dilapidated roads which will surely enhance the economy of the said state and expanding business to the locals.

Citing all these inhumane acts against the people shall be best served when we boycott every single election in this Nigeria failed state which will quickly usher us into Biafra, the land where the opinion of the masses will drive the interest of the Nation to its apex. A Nation that will be free of subjugation as seen in the contraption called Nigeria.

The Igbo ancestry have yelled heavily for a person like Nnamdi Kanu since the British invaded them and destroyed their trace on the face of the earth and boycotting of every election in Ala-Igbo will be the biggest joy that they have ever had because that is the only thing that can resurrect their spirit,  therefore anyone that likes Ala-Igbo and desires to keep her ancestral heritage alive must boycott every election in this failed contraption cum British empire called Nigeria and must SIT AT HOME come May 30th because any politics that you have everything to do with but in turn, it turns against you can also never be part of you when you don't have anything to do with it.

I deeply appreciate you Charles Ogbu for acknowledging that IPOB is the biggest movement in Ala-Igbo and her leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the most influential person so far in the whole of Igbo land but I question your stand in Biafra restoration for asking same undisputed most influential man of Igbo race the use of the numerical strength and popularity of IPOB if he can't deploy same to electing leaders that shares our wars, woes and sympathetic to our struggle?.

This section of you article was what aggrieved me to the core that made me to try to redress you.   The question you posed to Nnamdi Kanu vividly points to where all of your write up geared to but let it be clear to you that the IPOB lead by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not a political organization formed to aid politicians in wining their useless elections and more so, non of the political leaders in Nigeria shares our wars, woes or even sympathetic to our struggle, therefore they can't help to emancipate us from the BRITISH BUSINESS CENTER as you portrayed having had leaders from since 1960 through to today, none of the so called elected leaders have shown sympathy to the Biafrans cause and not even in the upcoming election will they do since their priority have been their personal gain and feeding their pocket large, enriching themselves from what is meant for the public and killing the people instead of protecting them, destroying lives that they swore to protect when they speak their mind and exercise their God given right just like Willie Obiano did to Biafrans that only went for evangelism sometime ago in August 2015 popularly known as BLACK SUNDAY  in IPOB diary.

Your call for IPOB to be unleashed in the upcoming election is dead on arrival as we can't shed our bloods merely for politicians to come back and play on us as we have totally resolved to restore Biafra to appease the spirit of all those that have given up on life because of this struggle and Chukwu Okike Abiama is the only one that can Grant us Biafra not your useless politicians you are campaigning for to come and kill us the more like Peter Obi did and dumped people's children in Ezu-River.

I can periodically tell you that you are a political jangler; your kind of person is the people that made our greatest leader Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu to play Nigeria politics which remained a thorn on his life till he died given the Nigerian state the impetus to bury him with almajiri flag in place of the heavenly Flag he swore to defend. IPOB of this era have fortified herself with history that nothing can lure her out of the struggle to restore Biafra.

The leadership of IPOB not participating in the election but urging his followers to participate is like an adage which states that " A man uses his teeth to share rat meat for children but when asked if he eats rat meat, he would say No".

IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu remains whiter than white and whiter than snow and the quest for Biafra restoration can never be compromised under him whether with APC or without APC.

I want to challenge you to make open the person you are campaigning for in the next Anambara guber or better still the person you think is sympathetic to Biafra struggle then I will tell you that such a person will commit more atrocious acts than the likes of Peter Obi and his alcoholic addicted partner Willie Obiano did against the people of Biafra in Anambara.

I want to make it more clearer to you that it is not just APC that killed our people and bathed the survivors with acid as committed by the Nigeria combined military force in 2016, even as you claimed not to know by quoting amnesty international reports but it is all the so called our political representatives for their grave silence during the said period.

How is our political representatives accomplice to the atrocious acts against the people of Biafra?

i) the Anambara state governor is not of the APC when elected into office rather he is of APGA, a party which it's soul aim was to speak for the interest of the Igbo nation and to the protection of her people, but they ended up abetting to the killing of her own people in their land for exercising their rights.

ii) Enugu governor is not also of APC when elected, his is of the PDP, but instead of protecting the people he have sworn to protect from every form of injustice from the federal might, he ran to Abuja dinning and winning with with his core enemy while Fulani herdsmen are killing his people only to come back to shed crocodile tears to the people.

iii) Abia state also is not of APC either but welfare of the citizens have been totally marred and the protection of the people of that state have met a waterloo as the military went on to unclad mother's for just conducting a social gathering and a police personnel shooting and innocent citizen  to death for demanding for justice to be handled equitably yet in all these, the state government or perhaps the governor have not made a single statement to condemn such inhumane acts against the people he stands for as their chief security. Is it that of Ebonyi or Imo state that I will talk of? Yet all the above mentioned States and their political representatives are not from the north or from the party of APC yet they can't speak for the interest of the people they represents in the face of anarchy and subjugation. Election my foot.

The problem of the Igbo race is not politics rather it is the cowardice acts of our political representatives who have sold their souls to the devils of the north in fear of losing their acquired wealth meant for the public yet they still fall into the den of the lion promise them protection when their help is needed.

Tell me, is it the likes of Ifeanyi Uba that we should vote for? A man that said that we are better of in Nigeria than agitating for Biafran nation will be sympathetic to our cause? I believe he made the statement to please his Hausa counterparts for him to be immune from being harassed by the DSS but what is his fate now? Ex governor of Enugu state barista Sullivan Chime decamp to APC to shield him self from EFCC, what is his fate now?

IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have continually made it clear that IPOB have nothing to do with Nigerian politics and we have resolved to totally boycott every election in Biafra land and let us see how they will declare a winner of election when the people did not vote or participate in the election.

Conclusively,  this is the appropriate time for which we have to show the world that we have woke from our dreams and ready to take back our country; if eventually there holds election in the whole of Biafra land, know it that we won't be able to record a landslide victory geared towards the restoration of Biafra Nation.

Wisdom  is actually profitable to direct but not when one lacks knowledge (Hosea 4:6)

 - CORAL Christian
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