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One good adage goes thus: what one believes and does not practice can not bless him or her.  And this proves that faith without action is dead. 

We believe that  Biafra is our root,  our origin, our identity,  our only hope and only pleasant place for our good living. 

Therefore, if that be the case,  we must make our Nation a habitable & palatable habitat, that will be the envy of other Nations. For the dignity, integrity, and altitude of any Nation depend on their core values, beliefs, and patriotism. 

In view of 30th May historical day, 2017, it is like a check-and-balance equation day. Just like in accounting. It is a day of total reflections both on the past,  present, and future visions. 

We are to revisit our histories where we came from; who our forefathers were; what our true cultural beliefs are; norms and the traditions that we are meant to be identified with; what our true religion is; and how closely we have been following all that. For good knowledge of all these will keep us focused and fearless even in the face of our enemies. 

However, we are equally supposed to ask ourselves the meaning of BIAFRA.  How it came about, and the meaning and values it portrays in our lives & as our identity. 

Such questions should be pondered on, like, "What are the visions behind the name BIAFRA that motivated our fallen heroes and heroines to choose subjugations, humiliations, starvations and death in other to keep the name BIAFRA ALIVE?" Their sacrifices have made, virtually everybody, to be shouting today "BIAFRA OR DEATH", which is our powerful slogan proven beyond reasonable doubt so far.  For one great adage equally says: who doesn't know where he is coming from, will not equally know where he or she is heading to. 

it is equally very important to remind ourselves this interesting questions, "Why are we talking about Biafra but still existing in the Nigerian State? How is the name attached to Us?  What is the meaning of NIGERIA?  What are our benefits from this Nigerian State?  Is our identity and futures in this Nigerian State secure?" 

In the political perceptions, is the Nigerian State favouring Biafrans? No is the answer.  After Nnamdi Azikiwe and recently GEJ, no other Biafran has smelled the presidential seat. What about ministerial,  senatorial, and military key posts? Unfavorable too - they always select the most saboteurs.

Let's look at industrialization and development program of federal government of Nigeria. Zero is the answer. Even the ones we would struggle to put up in Biafra land, are being crushed with one excuse of allegations or the other, but give the license to their brothers. An example is Ibeto and Dangote. 

What about federal allocation disbursement? This one is a no-go area.  Even when chief resources are coming out from Biafra land, yet we Biafrans receive the least.  When it reaches here they will bring issues like quota system. What a slavery! What a bondage! What a mockery and humiliation! 

This is why this historical day is SACROSANCT, and in one accord we Biafrans will be saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH via May 30th Sit-At-Home. 

Moreover,  let's hint on business & transportation sectors. How many sea ports have we in Biafran territory that aid in business smoothness. All are in Lagos where we will always pay heavily via task & port duty and end up coming back empty handed. What a frustration! Apart from Enugu and Calabar international airport recently approved by GEJ, international airports are at their places just for extortions and as frustration strategy.  How many well constructed federal roads do we have?  All are death traps as part of strategy to eradicate Biafrans. 

In the sports section,  Biafrans have really made Nigerian proud but how many athletes have been rewarded handsomely? Disgrace and non-payments of salaries are their rewards. 

Nigerian State is made up of different people with different cultural values,  religions, and beliefs. And that is supposed to be respected.  But for the fact that this name Nigeria was coined out of deceit and evil desires. And its etymological meaning is LANDS OF DARKNESS. That's why every action of theirs follows suits, for one adage says that a person's name guides him or her.  

Now they kill, maim, rape, kidnap to force us into practice of their religion Islam, very devilish indeed and can never happen. 

These are what our forefathers saw and said no,  enough is enough.  We can no longer be part of this unholy marriage called amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914. It is evil and demonic,  we have no future in it not to talk of our unborn. It aims at rapping our values,  norms,  cultural heritages, beliefs and finally enslave us or curse our lives. And they echoed in one voice that it's better to die in the fight for this freedom and preserve our identity for our children than keep quiet and be handed over to eternal generational slavery.

Therefore, if you are a true Biafran, SIT -AT HOME ORDER  from IPOB LEADER should be SACROSANCT TO YOU. It's an unpardonable offence if we fail to honor and appreciate this great sacrifice and bring fulfillment & accomplishment to this vision. 

No business of any kind, no banking activities,  no school,  no movement in totality.  For this is a test of will to show the whole world how ready we are to restore our true Nation, Biafra.  And our resoluteness in having nothing to do with Nigerian State again. God bless Biafra!

By Onyekachi M Ogbonnia
Edited by Ogu Edozie Williams
Published by iPOB Writers
Twitter: @ipob_writers

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