Biafra Young Victims of  1967 - 1970 Civil War 

Author:       Chukwu Iheke Okoronkwo
Editor:         Ugochinyere

30th of May will determine how serious we are in the quest to restore Biafra.

 Biafrans all over the world ( in the USA, in all European countries, in Asia continent) must honor those that fought and died that we may live. It’s paramount;  both individually and collectively that we should honor the 6 million Biafrans that laid down their lives so that the name "BIAFRA" may not go into extinction. The problem we have most times is a lack of appreciation.

 I weep whenever I hear some of our people saying that His Excellency, late Gen. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu did not give his all for Biafra and that he led our people to war because of his personal issues with the murderous Gen. Gowon; but these set of people had forgotten that 'the commander of the people's Army' or 'the people's General' as he was fondly called, gave his best during the Biafra war, (not forgetting the fact that his father was the richest man then), he could have chosen to sit back and close his eyes upon seeing the killing of our people in the northern part of Nigeria, in order to enjoyed his father's wealth and also rise in the Nigerian military rank as some Igbo people would have done if they were to be in his shoes! Meanwhile, late Gen. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu was never egocentric instead, he chose to liberate his people by fighting for Biafra even to the point of going to the war front with his gallant soldiers, therefore, we MUST remember and honor them come 30th May. 

Our heroes remembrance day is not negotiable; we must show it to us that we value those that fought for us. 30th May will determine our state of discipline and our state of preparedness in this quest to restore Biafra. It will surely determine how serious we are, it will show if we really have what it takes to make Biafra become a reality.

Freedom in anywhere around the world has never been cheap nor easy, determination, boldness, will power, truthfulness and courage are the prices we will pay in order to get our freedom, but if we do not have all these qualities in us, I tell you, Biafra restoration will be the hardest task for our generation. I will end this article with a quote from our director "If there are only one hundred genuine men, Biafra will come. I will prefer to lead one hundred genuine men than to lead Ten thousand men that amount to nothing" 

We are remembering those that started this struggle which we must finish and restore our fatherland Biafraland!!! 

Publisher:          Prince Richmond C. Amadi

                   Umuchiukwu Writers 

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