Recall that in last my article dated 16th May 2017, I questioned the integrity of the ECOWAS community court in the case filled against the federal republic of Nigeria by the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB ) and Director Radio Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and today such integrity questioned about still have a big Question Mark [?] attached to it.

Adjournment upon adjournment in the case of this gravity of human right violation as filled by the leader of IPOB and Director Radio Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is tantamount to conspiracy on the part of ECOWAS community court sighting the incessant adjournment that have been witnessed in this case for over one year since it was filled. 

Having chosen to play the bid of her pay mater while keeping the eye of "Mrs justice" open instead of being tied as justice knows no face, they on their previous ruling of 26th March 2017, ruled against the application filed by the federal government to make it look to the international community and all observers of the case as if they are displaying justice. 

An adage said that it takes a thief to hit a fellow thief hard when he is been caught not because he is happy that he is been caught but to prevent others from descending hard on the thief and this is exactly what the ECOWAS court displayed on the 26th of March 2017 and now the game to fulfill their deal with the FG have just begun as the adjournment have continued unabated without the federal government of Nigeria showing any sign of displeasure in the continued adjournment which when looked at and observed critically, one will have not choice than to ask, has the regional court been COMPROMISED?

On this note, the Indigenous people of Biafra worldwide is asking the ECOWAS community court to "remove every hand of baboon from the pot of soup before it turns to human hand" in this vain, having set 10th of October as the next sitting haven been adjourned from 18th of May 2017 citing typographical error on the document served to Ifeanyi Ejiofor which they concurred to after being confronted by the IPOB barrister, Ifeanyi Ejiofor., there must not be any further adjournment or delay to this case else ECOWAS court should come out of her shell that the international communities may vividly see what the regional court has been ridiculed to which further will justify the quest of Nnamdi Kanu. 

ECOWAS community court must know that the entire African continent and the international communities are keenly watching and patiently observing them and every moves they are making to ensure justice prevailed in this issue and as such should not allow their long upheld reputation to be dragged to the mud as certainly the breakup of Nigeria is unavoidable.

10th of October is yet another date, we shall continually be resolute and unintimidated till justice is passed. 

Proudly Biafran
Proudly IPOB Family Member 
Long live Nnamdi Kanu 
Long live Biafra Republic 
All hail Biafra

 - Onoja Christian Obinna

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