Author :Ezekwereogu John
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■ May 19, 2017

IT IS TIME TO KNOW WHO IS WHO, I have observed in awe the fear that has gripped the enemies of Biafra as the date draws closer, yet it is seen as a blessing to Biafrans because it is a day that will mark a tremendous event as Biafra restoration draws closer. In the events of all these, a lot of names have been given to this day as the day that heavenly beings will join Biafrans as we remember the fallen heroes who fought to be liberated from the claws of the British contraption called Nigeria.

has I want to opine that the call for '' Sit At Home '' Remembrance day is a call for you to actually declare your stance and loyalty to the course of restoration the Biafra nation and you can only do so by obeying this clarion call again.For those who are refused to heed to reason, shame on you, you have put the cart before the bull. You have declined to be free, take up your responsibilities and follow in the footsteps of our past heroes as manifested in Nnamdi Kanu, are you lovers of slavery rather than lovers of freedom? Your enemies are whitewashed sculptures.

They see the gospel of Biafra as a medium to expose, unearth all atrocious acts as frequently seen in the zoo, yet that's why they sold their soul to the devil in exchange for money, if not why will you not honor a slain hero who fought till death to ensure you are saved from the claws of slavery as perpetrated by the British through the zoo contraption called Nigeria passed down from generation to generation and now under the watch of Buhari, you don't need to be told about Biafra restoration but if you are not then you must honor them by obeying this enormous remembrance day '' sit at home ''because it is a way to show your support, undying love for a nation made to be the best amongst its equals, a country which will end all form of subjugation all over Africa.

Indeed God has hidden the mysteries of the restoration of Biafra from our enemies but revealed it to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu because he is wise, learned and proud to be taught by Chiukwu Okike Ahbiama.

That is why they hate those that preach about Biafra, teach it and live it. They even go to the extent of killing those that love Biafra. It is now or never again if Biafra is not restored.

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