IT is an indisputable fact that Biafrans always have a deep respect for their dear lost ones, whether long dead or recent. Life is a precious gift from God, and also a life well and fully spent before a natural death is indeed a great blessing from God. But when life is cut short, obliterated or worst still, terminated, the anger and sadness associated with it go so deep into the marrows and the memories of their relations and leave an indelible mark therein.

On May 30th, 1967, the day that the Republic of Biafra was officially and formally pronounced, it sounded so good and joyful that Biafrans felt relieved and peaceful. But few weeks later, Biafra land and Biafrans were turned into a field of experiments for bombs, fighter jets, shelling machines and all sorts of weapons of warfare, including starvation by the federal government of Nigeria led by Gen. Yakubu Gowon and heavily sponsored by the British government and their allied. That unfortunate incident against Biafrans, which lasted for the next three(3) years through 1970 was a carefully planned genocide to exterminate and wipe off the people of this race. The victims of that so-called Civil War were mostly women and children. This war brought about an end to the joy of living like free people, which re merged Biafra land to Nigeria.
Since then, Biafrans had been killed, massacred, butchered and smelted with hot acid base at the slightest feeling of provocation by Nigerian security operatives; militaries and para-militaries alike. The killings, which subsided briefly after the war resumed at the resurgence of quest for self-determination by Biafrans. All the groups that have emerged for the restoration of Biafra have in one way or the other met with a heavy crush by the federal government of Nigeria. And most recently, during the protests by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, across Biafra land for the release of their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, from his detention by Nigerian government.

After the war in 1970, May 30th of every year has remained memorable in the minds of Biafrans that it has been declared a special day set aside to remember those that have sacrificed their lives that the land of Biafra may be free. Few years ago, Biafrans decided to be gathering together at particular point in different states of Biafra land on every May 30th to commemorate their deceased ones. At Nkpo in Onitsha, Anambra state, the members of Indigenous People of Biafra having gathered a day before for their usual celebration, pandemonium struck as Nigerian security operatives rained down their arsenals and killing prowess on the innocent people. They killed, maimed and in fact, all that they left were sorrows, pains, bloods and deaths. It was indeed a moment of despondency and hopelessness as hundreds died, many were left with broken limbs and heads and many more were taken away alive but were never seen again even till date.

In conclusion, based on this sordid experiences that Biafrans underwent, the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has earmarked and declared May 30th, 2017 to be a day Biafrans all over the world should sit at their various comfortable homes to observe this commemoration in honour of their dead brothers, sisters and children, who have paid the supreme price since 1967. This declaration is to forestall further killings, as it has been noted that the blood thirsty and sucking demons of Nigeria forces will stop at nothing to quench their moving bullets on the bodies of innocent Biafrans as usual. Therefore, all Biafrans, friends and well-wishers working at different places such as; financial institutions, transport companies,unions and parks, markets, institutions of higher learning, administrators, organizations, etcetera, are encouraged to sacrifice this day. It is also expected that this 'SIT AT HOME' will be used as a yardstick by the entire world to know the preparedness of Biafrans to speak with one voice and have their freedom from this British concocted contraption called (zoo), Nigeria. 


 - Oge F. Igiri and Vals Chuks.
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