Everyone has the right to decided his own destiny (Bob Marley). We Biafrans have the right to decided our own destiny as we will soon be cast for the this all important decision. But in the past our brothers had the opportunity to make a better decision but chose the wrong way. It is in context of what happened in Southern Cameroon in 1961 that I situate my argument. This is because much of what is today known as Central African Sub-regions were apportioned to German in the demonic Berlin Conference of 1885 after their loss of first world war it was shared among the victory's Britain and France. The present day Southern Cameroon where Dr Akwanga come from was handed over to Britain as a mandated territory and latter trust territory. 

Britain for convenient, administrative and common cultural purposes linked them to Eastern Nigeria. They also linked their trust territory of Northern Cameroon to Northern Nigeria their conception through amalgamation in 1914. Such was the compatibility of Southern Cameroon with Biafra (Eastern Nigeria) to the point that when Azikiwe formed his political party (NCNC ) in 1944. He include the name Cameroon to show that their further lay with Biafra land and it was welcome by their political elites and peasants as well.

By 1950 the imperialist's was no longer comfortable with the formidability and the place at which Biafra land was developing as opposed to alamajirism which their stooge in the north was yoked under. This argument can be attempted to by the fact that Biafra land was the fastest developing part of Black Africa both humanity and infrastructural. This achievement prompted great Zik of Africa to say that it seems Chukwu Abiama has destined Biafrans to lead Black Africans out of wood. 

Soon British imperialist decided to sow seed of discord by cutting off Southern Cameroon from Biafra. Thy began to work against the leader of Southern Cameroon by planting opposition through J.N. Foncha. It is a well known fact On history that Dr Emmanuel Lifafe Endeley was the indefatigable leader of Southern Cameroon since party politics started. With his party Cameroon National Congress he has been dominating politics of Southern Cameroon because of good governance and well targeted policy for good of all. But with all those achievement Britain still have one problem with him, his party continued to favour union with Biafra rather than Franch Cameroon. Soon the incited J.N. Foncha to form another political party Cameroon National Democratic Party to campaign for union with Franchise Cameroon even when the latter had agreed to work with Endeley. It is on record that Britain made fund available for this ignoble project. Soon J.N. Foncha started advocating for union with Franch Cameroon. 

According to him Ibo's have dominated Eastern Nigeria Biafra land. This is what the colonial master instructed him. Then Emmanuel Endeley tried all he could to counter his position by telling his Southern Cameroon that he has lived and worked with the Ibo's in Enugu,  port Harcourt (Igwuocha) and that they are not domineering people. 

He cited two examples financial assistance by his Ibo friends while he was in government college Umuahia and his reinstatement after he was removed from the colonial medical service in port Harcourt (Igwuocha). He argued that it was Dr Simon Ezienuo Onwu ( First Ibo Biafran Medical doctor) that mede his reinstatement possible in the colonial medical register. He argued rather, that Ibo Biafrans are Ingenious and hardworking people who will present a challenged to you through competition and drives development forward. But J.N. Foncha was bent on union with Frach Cameroon with the help of his master the colonialist. They succeed in persuading Vincent Sam dala the galega 11 of Balinyonga in the Bamenda a grass field and the most important and powerful royal throne in Southern Cameroon to join their train. Vincent himself carried other Bamenda grass field chiefs along with him to the side of union with French Cameroon for fear of unfounded Ibo domination.

On 1st October 1961, the question was put to people of Southern Cameroon on two leanings, union with French Cameroon or Eastern Nigeria Biafra outright independence being ruled out by both parties. Cameroon National Congress (Emmanuel Endeley) stood for Union with Biafra, CNDP (J.N. Foncha) favoured union with French Cameroon. At the end of the day, people of Southern Cameroon voted by considerable majority in favour of union with French Cameroon thereby terminating their long and warm relationship with people of Biafra. 

Today what is the situation over there. We don't need anybody to tell us that it is agony, subjugation both politically and economically, deprivation and dehumanization. Yes they had opportunity to make the right choice destination but they chose the wrong destination. Today they want to come back to Biafra which they rejected for no reason, they were running away from unfounded domination but met founded domination on their way. It is in the light of these that every Biafran should prepare his mind in favour of our struggle for restoration of our Sovereign State of Biafra ( our lost inheritance). History is about to repeat itself, not restructuring Nigeria,  because soon referendum on Biafra may take place and announced, our future depends on our ability to make right choice. Ibibo, Ijaw, Ibo, Ikwerre, Isoko, Itsekiri, Igala, Idoma, Igede, Urhobo, Igbanke, Ogoja, Ogoni and Annang, let us unite and match on to our common designation which is the land of Biafra. A land flowing with milk and honey but envied by enemies both within and outside. Please guide yourself against deceit from any quarter for we cannot afford to miss this opportunity in order not to enslave ourselves in perpetuity.

 - Eze Augustus N.
   Rivers Media Team.

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