Kanu in court with Madubugwu
By Kelechi Okorie
For Biafra Choice Writers

It is no longer news that Biafrans are languishing in prisons across Nigeria just for exercising their rights. It is equally no longer news that Nigerian Judiciary has been used to dubiously achieve this. Meanwhile, the crime that the Biafrans have committed was asking for their freedom from the evil British concoction called Nigeria.
Freedom is a universal and inalienable right of every person, as well as indigenous peoples, to have control of their future, and to exploit the natural endowment within their territory for their good. But in the case of Biafrans, these rights have been denied them for more than 100 years because Britain, through the Fulani murderers, have occupied their land and has been stealing their resources.
Now, the cowardly lawyers (in Nigerian Bar Association) have failed to stand for the peoples held in bondage by Britain and their house-slaves – the Fulani. The bar association have, through fear, failed to take up their responsibilities of promoting and protecting human rights and human lives; rule of law; and good governance. They have operated as spectators over corrupt practices going on in the country, and have chosen to remain inactive, out of fear of intimidation, harassment, and pressures from the executive arm of the government. Some have even made themselves willing tools that were being used by government officials.
In any just and honest country, the Judiciary must stand firm for fairness, justice and be upright in discharging every constitutional requirement – hence government is not a respecter of person. But not in Nigeria! It is a place where those that made attempts to make the country run like a sane entity hunted down, and sometimes slammed with frivolous charges in court. Some have been physically assaulted and their houses raided by security operatives, all in attempts to silence them.
Notwithstanding, persecution, intimidation and the likes should not be a reason for a respected profession to truncate its responsibilities and allow the people’s will to be submerged under that of a murderous cabal, especially the current one operating with the name of a dead and incapacitated President known as Muhammadu Buhari. There must be bold and brilliant personalities that would stand for their profession and their people.
We see how Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television, proved to the world that Buhari is just mortal who must not be allowed to thwart the people’s will. Kanu withstood him with truth, boldness and courage, and Biafraland is today better for it.
IPOB has made it known that its leader has no intention of truncating a struggle he has succeeded in making an international issue. They have said it without any equivocation that they will fight for the restoration of Biafra till the end. They have informed all agents of Nigerian Islamic Fulani government that no manner of lies, deceit and propaganda can sway their resolve.
Not only that, IPOB has made it known to the world that all its members still in Nigerian jails must also be released because their struggle remains a legitimate one. They have made it known that an injury against one Biafran is an injury to all Biafrans.

What is obvious at this moment is that Biafrans unanimous in their belief that Benjamin Madubugwu, and his colleagues, who are still in Nigerian jails might be poisoned. The fear is real. But what is the Bar Association doing about it?  
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