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for someone like me who received the choreographed negotiation, release, and planned reception of the 82 chibok girls with some levels of reasonable doubt have been termed 'never-see-wells'. However, groups of never-ask-question believers and 'never-see-bads' have trooped to all available media to praise-sing the walking dead Mr president for this monumental achievement, as if- if it were true, it is believed to have ended the precarious situation and dangerous dive the economy has taken under Buhari.

To those of us who have questions, none of the 'Believers' have been able to produce answers to about the bogus stance on the issues surrounding the release. This questions which are posed to critically evaluate yet another fraud as traditionally practiced in this evil contraption called Nigeria are as follows:
  1.  With whom did the government negotiate the release of the girls, Al Barnawi or Shekau?
  2.  Since the government has defeated Boko Haram technically (so they said about a year ago) and in the last phase of mop up, what need is there then to engage in negotiation with a defeated enemy?
  3. Since the Joint Task Force and other relevant bodies have combed the Sambisa forest without a sign of these girls, where were they kept and selectively released? (note that other neighboring are part of the MNJTF) 
  4. I was TAUGHT  that chain of events could be useful in ... estimates, why is it that the news came in just when the 2 years anniversary of this government is around the corner (note: some were released just around the same time last year). 
  5. Remember, such negotiation was ongoing when the Nigerian Army reportedly fatally shot Shekau, how come such did not scuttle the negotiation?
  6. Since the government now has actionable intel on the handlers and contacts of these marauding radical Islamists, why is there yet a person to be convicted among those currently in Custody? These questions and much more beg for both asking and answers.  

You can fool some of the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all of the time but u cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

I have a right to ask questions, Buhari is under obligation to answer them.   five boko members were realized for this girl which are 82 in number now only one of this boko boy can kill more than a hundred people as much as I feel sorry for the girl's if truly there were kidnapped but this exchange is wrong. 

Oppressive government of Buhari always ready to suppress the truth with lies Please tell Buhari and his co Islamic terrorists that no matter how hard you suppress the truth,  the truth shall always prevail against falsehood. To make this article coated with facts, I wish to remind us what the Governor of Ekiti state Peter Ayodele Fayose said in the year 2014 about the chibok girls, I am quoting him because I find in that press he granted as reasonable based on the questions he raised that has been begging for answers. He said: Chibok Girls Not Missing, It's Shaam -  2014

The Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, has dismissed claims that over 200 Chibok school girls were truly abducted by Boko Haram militant group and have been missing since.
Mr. Fayose said the girls would never be found because “What is not missing, you cannot find”.

Mr. Fayose, according to the press, was speaking to some women in Ekiti, at a workshop organized by an NGO, Women Arise. The governor said the #BringBackOurGirls campaign was a hoax, designed to stop former president Goodluck Jonathan from winning re-election.

“If you want to use it to get some people out of office, you have succeeded in doing that,” he said. “But you must equally look for those girls if indeed they are missing.
“It was a strategy to get some political push- ups. That is why you can never find them.”

Mr. Fayose, who said genuine human rights organisations were no longer in existence in Nigeria, mocked at the #BringBackOurGirls campaigners, alleging that some of them had been settled with political appointments I was laughing at this people when they come out with ‘freedom for our girls’,” the governor said, eliciting laughter from the crowd. “Or is it ‘where are our girls?’

“Is it a trailer that they used to pack 200 girls away or luxurious bus? Who is fooling who?

“Most of them (the campaigners) have become political appointees or they are looking for political appointments.
“I like to tell people the truth if you don’t like you can go to (the) police station,” Mr. Fayose said, human rights who are apolitical, not human rights when the going is good. when the people you believe in are in government. Today many opposition leaders are underground. Many human rights organizations are dead.

I was laughing at this people when they come out with look for our girls or where are our girls? I don’t know whether even those girls are missing. Write it down. Quote me, Pressmen. Quote me; I’ve not changed my name. Who is fooling who?
Is it a trailer that they used to pack 200 girls away or luxurious bus. Who is fooling who? If you want to use it to get some people out of office, you have succeeded in doing that. But you must equally look for those girls if truly they are missing.
Most of them have become political appointees or they are looking for political appointments, not until we start shouting: where are you again? They now started visiting the Villa. 

They want to go and do DNA test in Cameroon. Who is fooling who? We are not all 419 activists. Noo! Not what you eat makes you fat. You’ll see a fat man and he’s still hungry. And you see a skinny person who says I’m full, I’m content.
I don’t know whether there are missing girls because no indicator has shown the realities of the game. It was a strategy to get some political push ups. That is why you can never find them. You can never find them. What is not missing you cannot find. I like to tell people the truth if you don’t like you can go to police station. Those were his words. Now to the point of consequences, Evil begets evil. Even, evil begets higher evil. When the wind is sewn in 2015 it makes possible for the harvest of a whirlwind in 2017. Those who digressed Biafra nation's life to the economic depressions, extra-judicial killings, and recession we now live by allocating its roots to others besides Buhari are listing their names to a possible God's  visitation on facilitators of evil.

 The vicissitudes  Godly anger over those who made it easy for Buhari to rape this patrimony shall be enormous. Buhari's greatest achievements after two whole years are bringing out schoolgirls they kidnapped and used to gain international attention in collaboration with BBC, look at those they told us were about writing their biology, chemistry and physics exams but could not utter a word of English. The so called exams, was it written in The Hausa language? Do these girls look like people coming out of the forest? It pains that the so-called learned are being deceived. Sorry! May 29 is around the corner so Buhari must show something to the public. Their conspiracy is coming to an end. Light must always prevail over darkness. 

They may have today but tomorrow belongs to us. Opposition to extra-judicial killings, disobedience to court orders, incarceration, abduction, executive rascality, gross human rights abuses as seen in the self-determination for Biafra, corpocracy, subjugation, internal colonialism, slavery, religious bigotry, persecution, injustice, dehumanisation, the Apostles of hate and the evil cabal that have birthed and nurtured these vices is a divine injunction because the bible says we must "resist evil".  Our struggle is not just political. It is ideological. It is fundamental. It is spiritual. It is deep and it is far-reaching.  We want to pull down the entire system and restore Biafra thereby making sure nothing like Nigeria exists again because it is a fraud, that is our mission and that is the calling of our generation through Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. That is the battle that we need to fight and the war that we must win. Buhari's 21st Century Political Tactics!! They are bringing them from the APC warehouse in piecemeal.

 By October 1st, they will bring another set to celebrate independence. I know education in the north is very bad but where do they get over 200 girls to write physics? Why can't we even see at least one that can speak pidgin? Why can't they allow the press to interview at least one?? Goodluck Jonathan said, that Boko haram sees him as infidel while they see Buhari as their own. What do you make of that? Buhari supported and sponsored Boko haram during Jonathan time and is still doing it till date and in return Boko haram want to show appreciation for what Buhari did to them. Is this pre-planned two years address for Buhari government failure.
The picture shows that they are well fed and does not look like people in the sambisa forest for 3 years. They actually look more robust than most Nigerians do since this austerity government arrived. Buhari hired the girls somewhere and chose when to release them for political purpose. 

Those who wanted power took the girls and are now releasing them in batches each time Buhari's popularity goes down. a wise man said: ' you can deceive some of the people all the time, you can also deceive all the people some of the time, but you can never deceive all the people all the time. 39-year-old Emmanuel Macron wins the French election and it is a breakthrough. 72-year-old Muhammadu Buhari won the Nigerian election and it has been a breakdown! The irony is that France is a very old country with a very young leader while Nigeria is a fantastically corrupt country founded by the British with a very old leader! Ponder! 

Publisher:          Udeagha Obasi 

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