Author:                    Lucky Ike 
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It is a known fact that Nigeria is the most corrupt and deceitful country in the world. A place where media and journalists sing praises to corrupt leaders who subjugates and instills physical and mental slavery to her citizens. What surprises me most and the question I ask are these; even though the tyrant and dictator in power called Mohammadu Buhari is seen as the man at forefront of it all, why should the Nigerian media, press and the journalists allow themselves to be used in dishing out propagandas, deceits, and lies to her so called citizens? Are there no ethics and norms of journalism again?

A journalist should speak the mind of the people,  antagonize the government with their pens, write against bad leaders (like the tyrant president of Nigeria Mohammadu Buhari) who is now a ceremonial president in Nigeria and his cohorts. A journalist should ensure they address the salient intimidation of the political classes in their various column of Newspapers, but unfortunately, Nigerian journalists who were supposed to build hope in the minds of the masses are now dining with the oppressors.

One of this propaganda was the lies and stories recently carried out by most of these unprofessional and 'Ibadan expressway gutta media/journalists' against the supreme leader of indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, that he is "dumping Biafra restoration for Corrupt Nigeria politics". This is so laughable and this goes to tell the whole world that Nigeria medias and journalists are indeed most corrupt media house in the world. Most of this journalists don't carry out research and investigate issues before 'dishing' it out to the public, and only the gullible ones will fall a prey to their lies.

Most of them sit down in the comfort of their homes and offices to receive 'brown envelop' from their paymaster who tells them what to write on the pages of the newspapers, why some are on the payroll of the politicians.

I want to state equivocally here that no amount of lies and propaganda from Mohammadu Buhari, his 'Boko Horam newspapers' and party of all progressives dining (APC) can stop or kill the 'never die spirit' of Biafrans and her leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who is more focused and relentlessly matching forward in restoring the God's own country "Biafra" .

Publisher: Udeagha Obasi
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