Author:             Ezekwereogu John
Editor:               Prince Richmond C. Amadi
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Anyone who sees Nigeria as a nation is either blind, an illiterate or simply ignorant, if anyone thinks Nigeria will move forward with the current political class and corrupt-ridden structure ruling the country!  Then that person is also blind and ignorant. This is a country where you need forged and manipulated secondary school certification to be a President, earn millions a month but you will need a verified tertiary institution certificate to get a job under a school certificated person and earn 18 thousand per month as minimum wage.

 Now I know why the black countries don't develop. Because all they do is follow blindly without asking a question just to feel among. It is on record that the black African man records the highest level of gullibility in the human race, what a thing to ponder on.   It has been reported live as the murderous Nigeria soldiers were seen molesting the  Biafra women who have gathered to say prayers, this may not appear surprised to many of us because the Nigeria armed forces have been severally reported to have engaged in gross Human Rights abuses involving cases of extrajudicial killings, assassination, rape of any age irrespective of size (child and mother), bribery, highly placed level of misconduct, is in fact a tradition exercised daily by this terrorists in uniform, if not what law supports the aforementioned they have been linked to? What business do they have with mothers Who have gathered to say prayers?

IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu remains lawful despite several inhuman treatments they have received from these barbaric jihadists who are acting on the orders of Buhari, the certified pedophile. The world should note that whatever that happens to our brave Biafra women and mothers, will spell doom for Buhari coated and uniformed terrorists in army clothing.

 A word is enough for who that listen.

Publisher:         Udeagha Obasi
               Umuchiukwu Writers

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