Kanu Praying in Enugu

By Kelechi Okorie,
For Biafra Choice Writers

Sovereignty is the power of a people to have control over their lives, their way of life, their environment; and to manage it effectively without external interference. That is what Nnamdi Kanu, and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) that he leads, and other Biafrans are fighting for.
So far, they (the IPOB) have – without any further doubt – proven James Maverick right, who once declared: “the sovereign man is an instruction manual for becoming a man of high value, confidence and action”. They have proven to the world that Biafrans are naturally republican, but that their land is currently under occupation by neo-colonialist Britain using their Nigerian house-slaves – the Fulani people.
While supporting the Fulani of Northern Nigeria, British government has committed monumental evil against Biafran people in history, and has continued to do same even up till today. Having forced the people under the yoke of its creation, Nigeria, it has used all manners of tricks to steal Biafran peoples’ resources. Biafrans have now proven to the world that they no longer want to remain British slaves, with Fulani as their house-slaves.
In this present dispensation, Britain (with the support of wicked Barack Obama) continued with its evil against the Biafran people by cloning a murderous religious and ethnic bigot known (Muhammadu Buhari) as Nigerian president. But has so far murdered nothing less than 2000 Biafrans and maimed several others just to maintain the British ATM machine, which is Nigeria.
Good news to freedom-loving people is that Biafra is making progress in spite of everything Britain, through Buhari, has thrown at them. At least, inadvertently, Buhari has succeeded in tearing the sham country called Nigerian and its fraudulent 1999 constitution, to shreds.  Buhari has made it known to everyone, both to Nigerians and none Nigerians, that Nigeria itself is a sham – just a British ATM machine. He did this in his bid to foist his bigoted Islamic cum Fulani agenda on Biafran people. One way he made it more than clear to everyone is through the use of his sister, Binta Nyako (the so-called trial judge of Nnamdi Kanu and colleagues) by exchanging Nigeria’s Common Law to Sharia Law.
What Buhari has succeeded in doing is turn a civil government (not democratic) to military government under Sharia Law. The people are under oppression, the Judiciary is under siege, and the entire contraption is bleeding. The worst hit, by Buhari’s atrocities, are Biafrans, and IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, have carried the burden and pain. However, in the process, he has succeeded in exposing the evil of Nigeria and its handlers to the world. It is on record today that since Buhari became Nigeria’s president, nothing good had come to the people who live in the country, in fact, and it was under him that the country dropped into recession.
At this juncture, it is important to reports that information reaching Biafra Choice Writers show that the international recognition that has followed the Biafra struggle, and their reaction to Binta Nyako’s judicial rascality has made her to regret handling the Nnamdi Kanu’s case. She was said to have lamented that she did not know the case was not against an individual, Kanu, but against the most vibrant, articulate and sophisticated Africans – Biafrans.
That was the situation that forced her to grant bail to the Biafran leader recently. Even though IPOB has its grouses with the bail conditions, but they consider it a story for another day.
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