Author:                    Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu 
Editor:                      Ugochinyere Onyechere 
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At the early hours of the morning of 3rd of May, 2017, an angry shout of “NO BIAFRA NO PEACE” was heard at Onitsha bridgehead market, Biafra land. This occurred when the presence of Obianao‘s delegates was announced by the speaker at the event.
People made a serious hullabaloo and started raising the Biafran flag as the name “Obiano” was mentioned and the song of sorrow, and of war and of freedom were heard as they rallied about with Biafran flags shouting on top of their voices, “No Biafra, no peace!”

An eyewitness who identified himself as Emmanuel Nwaosu from Imo state, Biafra land and a trader at the same market, told our newsmen that some group of men heading to Uga junction cladding in Biafra uniforms were arrested and detained by the zoo navy as this pandemonium was going on at the venue of the gathering which was 400meters away from the aforementioned junction. The zoo navy whose only duty at the said junction was to extort money from the commuters had had the intention of stopping those men in Biafran uniforms from joining the other people protesting at the prayer ground.

However when information reached to the people at de gathering, many were said to have started rushing towards the place where the navy seized those men. Immediately the zoo navy saw the multitudes of crowds surging towards them, they out of fear dismissed those men they had arrested and started pleading for peace to reign.

Our source also told our newsmen that on the previous day, when the market was about to close, the authority guiding the market area had announced through their security men that there would be morning devotion at the market the next day but in order not to discourage people from coming, they had skipped informing the people about the coming of Abiano, the Governor of Anambra state at the venue.

In the morning of the “D” day, people who arrived early at the market were asked not to open their shops but to head down to the prayer ground for morning devotion.
As the prayer was over, the speaker of the event had announced the presence of Obiano’s men. Immediately, there was uproar as people started shouting “No Biafra no peace,” thereby not allowing the governor’s delegates to speak their intention of being present at the gathering.

As this was going on, IPOB members were spotted singing a song of freedom and running around the market showing their disgust over the announcement of Obiano’s men and their idea of another election in Anambra State Biafra Land when IPOB authority has over the time kicked against the idea of Biafrans coming out to vote, especially at this point in time the Biafran people are agitating for their freedom. Of what benefits is it anyway, that after voting in those monsters and servants of Hausa/Fulani into power, they will still come back and order the killing of their own people, just to please their wicked masters.

Recall that Obiano is no friend of IPOB as he had on several occasions ordered the killings of Biafrans who were on evangelism and rally. That alone would have triggered the commotion at the market square. This indeed shows that his people are no longer happy with him.

Sometimes I pause to ponder the nefarious attitudes of those South East and South South governors towards their people. After ordering the killing of Biafrans, they will still without an iota of shame come back when it is due for another election that will elect them into power again, to beg the same people they had in the past murdered their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and uncles to come out and vote for them. If they have no shame, do they all lack wisdom too?! Heartless misfits!

However, I salute the courage of those Biafrans who had protested against the shameless governor and his men at the market. I really commend their courage for not allowing those evil men to voice out their purpose of coming. I believe by now, their evil master would have gotten the message that people are not really happy with him.

One thing those misfits on the seat of power should  know is that, the constant killings of their own people will not stop the emergence of Biafra, rather if u get in the way to delay the process of the restoration of God’s kingdom on earth, just to please the Hausa/Fulani terrorists, you will be crushed alongside with them! Biafra is a divine project sanctioned by Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama and nothing, I repeat, nothing can ever stop it. I rest my case.

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  1. Good one from my Biafra or nothing.Obi Ekwensu ka osino gini ka Ana akpo ya.the stupid Obiano whom I address as Obi a bigot. So these man called governor after killing family members of those who voted him in into that seat with no apology nor any act of remorse will still have the guts to come out and ask for another election. Anyways he is very lucky that Igbo people are not by nature the aggressive killing type of people for if by any means that we are I'm sure people like him would not still be alive by now for killing his own people and all of them who supported and aided the killings of these our brothers and sisters who were murdered in cold blood. The next time that Obiekwensu is spotted in the public within Biafra land for the purpose of election or vote for Nigeria he should be stoned and disgraced. Time is quite coming very fast when we cannot endure people like him and all other saboteurs within and around us.time is fast approaching when we cannot tolerate them anymore. When that time comes we shall then tell and prove to them that it is we the youths who owns the land not few gullible ones who are parading themselves as elders or political jobbers who have lost sense of dignity and integrity as elders that they suppose to be or represent. Is no Biafra no peace and is either Biafra or nothing.peace to all Biafrans.