Kanu at Fani-Kayode's home
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

At this moment, Nigerians and their empty-headed rulers are running amok with childish propaganda against Biafra, which would sooner than later be dumped in the trash bin. It is surprising these Nigerians have not learnt lessons to know that kindergarten propaganda do not wash with the Biafran public; neither will it stand the test of time when Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leadership moves against it.
Since Nnamdi Kanu, leader of IPOB and Director of Radio Biafra and Television, was forced out of their hands with unprecedented IPOB pressure, they have been busy concocting stories to sow doubts in the mind of ordinary Biafrans. The nitwit Nigerian rulers shamelessly commissioned its dimwitted propagandists to generate cheap kindergarten propaganda against Kanu and IPOB. Even as we write, their lying mass media and social media are still awash with such concocted childish lies.
As things stand, little do the Nigerians know that IPOB and its leadership have never been perturbed by their propaganda and shenanigans, and will not start to be perturbed now. Little do they know that Biafrans Biafrexit campaign, which is the struggle to restore the independence of the state of Biafra, has entered another chapter. Yours truly learnt that was a major reason they were ignored. IPOB leadership confided with Biafra Choice Writers that the propaganda would easily be disposed-off with little or no effort once they are ready to confront it.
In agreement with IPOB, it is unfortunate that Nigerian rulers have not learnt their lessons in dealing with IPOB. In spite of the effortless ease with which IPOB disposed-off all their previous stunts against the Biafran restoration efforts, it is surprising they are still engaged in the same strategy of lies to stall Biafrexit. It is unfortunate they have not realized how much they have exhibited their stupidity to the world.
But how come Nigeria and its dumb leaders have not realized that with all its NTA, Radio Nigeria, other radio and television stations; even with its state and privately owned radio/televisions and newspaper house around the country and beyond, they cannot stand Biafra media powerhouse.
The Nigerians have bribed French Ambassador in Nigeria; British High Commissioner in Nigeria, to speak against Biafra. But it had not helped them, at each occasion, they have failed woefully, and Biafrexit continues to pull crowd and support all across the world. So, even the support they had been receiving from the satanic British government and its British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), has not been able to help them. in the past there had been media blackout on everything Biafra, but today, that is no more. Nigeria is now open and naked to the world, courtesy of Biafra media powerhouse.
Before whenever Nigeria ran amok with the type of lies they are currently bandying about, Biafrans were unable to tell the world their own story. But today, all that have changed. Biafra has confronted Nigerians internationally (media wise) and has floored them. Today, apart from the fact that Nigeria no longer has monopoly of information dissemination – within Nigeria and outside of it – Nigerian journalists are dunces and half-baked illiterates who cannot stand the highly informed and sophisticated Biafrans. They have shown severally their inability to stand the forward-looking Biafran journalists.
Imagine that Biafrexit campaign has entered the next chapter, yet Nigerians do not even know it!
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