Anybody with an intellect, with a sense would consider carefully the Implications of a war, war is destructive, and war settles diversity differences, as a Jewish friend once said to me “Shalom” means two things (Peace or War) these are the languages the world understands. Looking out Great Courtiers and Nations around the world now, like America, South Africa, India, China and State of Yisrael known as Jewish State, digging in their History’s  you will find out how determine this Countries and Nations fight for  their Independent as a Soviet Nation for Self governs. Just like the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB under the Supreme Leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, director of radio Biafra/Biafra Tv on this day 30th May, 2017. “BIAFRA REMEMBRANCE” a memorial day for Biafran fallen Hero and Heroes, this year Remembrance Day was a great exercise for all Biafrans in Biafra land and outside Biafra land Both in Nigeria #Sit_AT_Home. According to World Business Statistic, live videos, Images on online social media platforms and online Newspapers’, has reported from all regions in Biafra land shutdown their business, Shops, Companies, Roads, Markets, Schools, Transport Companies, Etc. all closed down. Off course with this references and determine of IPOB under the Supreme leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu shows Biafrans can govern their self. This now call for referendum from International Communities, world heads leaders to stand for #Biafra_Referendum.        

An interview with some Biafrans in Igwuocha Province of Biafra land. We had no doubt where we are going we were going to inherit freedom which is Biafra because is rightfully ours, which is all that matters.

Supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the Savior of Biafra and Black people, who expressed his true feelings in order for us to better understand ourselves and our neighbor, with this justification for further investigation, and then I believe that Justice should be served. He is determined to make a different. We need Referendum.

Sometimes, I begin to wonder if the so called Nigerians leader passes though elementary school at all, because if they had, they would have a least know little about human right and right their citizen,  not to talk of a leaders. 

We the Great Biafrans known’s our right which include:

.Right to life.
.Right to freedom from torture, inhuman or degrading punishment.
.Right to freedom from deprivation of personal liberty.
.Right to dignity of human person
.Right to freedom from discrimination race or tribe, creed of political opinion and association.
.Right to fair and equal hearing.
.Right to private and family life.
.Right to freedom of movement.
.Right to peaceful assembly and association.
.Right to freedom of expression and the press, thought, conscience, religion from slavery and forced labour, unlawful imprisonment.

Hunger and desperation in Nigeria have changed the minds of some our people, it has made them now sold their soul to the devil Zoo Nigeria Government. We don’t need leaders who pretend to be our savior but rather killing the of hopes and wealth of the people, all they’re good in looting off our resources, because their intention is just to damage the Country’s economy through, they’re  selfishness and dishonest. We don’t need leaders who turn land owners to beggars; they’re unfriendly neighbors to us. We need not leaders that watch his people been victimized by depression and stinking in poverty.

The Nigerians leader are Myopic in Nature, them can put things right because of their short sighted. We need Biafra where our people will never again been neglected and not cared.

In Nigeria, we are not been recognized, we were treated as not been part of the existence, not necessary. But we are looking forward to a better future which is Biafra. 

We Call for #Biafra_Referendum

 - Ajah Blessing Adaeze.
   Rivers Media Team.

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