Nostradamus (The man who saw tomorrow) once said. "A powerful prince will spring up 'AT THE TRIGGER OF A GUN, he would be the envy of other prince and all efforts to subdue him will be failure", for those who do not understand the phrase "At the trigger of a gun" go and study African map and you will know exactly the location of Biafra, and Nnamdi Kanu as a prince. Surely he is about to make history. Liken the words of The Hagios to the present day Biafra Restoration under Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as quoted that the world will change. It will become what it ought to be, a place of complete bliss, delight, peace and a holy land. The renewal will be very fast, but the method most improbable. The burden will fall on few men (Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the Fallen Heroes). These men will pay the price. It will be terrible. Insignificant men. They will be despised. They will not be esteemed. They are the hope of the world. They are the cure for the world. These men can be identified by the mark that must appear as a seal on their bodies. The mark (Biafra) is the wounds that will appear all over their bodies. They have to suffer much. By their wounds, by their scars, the world will be changed. Because they suffered, mankind (Biafra) will be regenerated. Human nature will change. The world will see there are extraordinary men on earth. They will know superhumans (Nnamdi Kanu) walk the earth, men who are indestructible (incorruptible, truthful, fearless, very resolute.) Already, this mark (Biafra), this wounds, has been indicated by many people around the world. It is a great honor to bear the wounds. But nobody takes this honor upon himself; he must be appointed! (Nnamdi Kanu the appointed one). "Do you think May 30th is worth remembering? Then you must know this. ( from anonymous but I edited ) Aguiyi Ironsi had just been killed in Ibadan by a horde of bloodthirsty officers led by one Theophilus Danjuma. The northern military had ceased most barracks in the country and was performing the ethnic Igbo cleansing that had been planned all along. From the eve of July 29, 1966, over 270 Biafrans senior military officers were killed in Abeokuta, Ibadan, Lagos, Zaria, etc. As this butchery of human beings was going on in what was tagged a retaliatory coup, the northern officers declared araba. Ferried their families home to secede from the rest of British Nigeria. This plan was discarded when Britain sold the idea of oil to them and how they will profit from taking control of the oil. As the killing of military officers of Biafra origin was getting to a climax, the northern civilians unleashed their cubs and machetes on innocent Biafra civilians all through the north. People were cut into pieces. In 30 days, over 20,000 Biafrans lives were mowed down by this sheer barbarism. In those days, rail transportation was the major means of traveling to Biafra land from the north. So when the train departed, one will have to wait for its return before another set of Biafrans could leave the north. The orgy of violence in the North was without limits. Students killed their Biafra teachers. Colleagues at work killed their Biafra colleagues. House owners killed their Biafra tenants. It was in this frenzy and death orgy that the Biafrans devised a plan of survival. The plan was to run to the emirate and seek refuge until the train that left for the east returned. Many Biafrans ran to Emir palaces in the north seeking refuge not knowing that the emirate was planning the final Biafra solution. As they ran into the palace, they were all welcomed... So this encouraged other Biafrans who were hiding to run to the palace. Then the final solution set in when the numbers of Biafrans seeking refuge a . They will be allowed to die slowly. No food. No water must be offered to them. For days, the Biafrans seeking refuge from the northern pogrom were denied food and water... They started crying. Begging the palace to give them water in one of their local Biafra dialect (for) "nye mu mmiri " but the northern civilian heard ya miri. So that was the origin of the offensive name called the Biafra by the north. Whenever they call you nyamiri, they are trying to remind you of your Biafra predecessors who they starved of food and water until they all died. May 30th is another day to remember all those defenseless Biafra civilians who died in that genocide that preceded the war. May 30th is another day we remember those who sought refuge in the emirate but were allowed to die slowly in pain. May 30th is another day for retrospection and introspection on our commitment to building up our homeland to cater for all the Biafra aspirations the world over. The ability to learn from history is perhaps the greatest defense from the avoidable pain of learning from experience when history is a much gentler and kinder teacher. Indeed, the saying "experience is the best teacher," is incomplete, the full statement of that Welsh adage is that experience is the best teacher for a fool. The Acting President of Nigeria Osibanjo said that "History is a kinder and gentler teacher." What history is Mr. Acting President talking about? Is it the one they fearfully removed from the curriculum or what? You cannot kill me and tell me not to die. Beautiful nonsense. Nigeria is retrogressing every day, no hope of progress. A country where there is no light, no food, no good environment and our hospitals are death zones. Every time we keep on reinventing the wheel, no sound institution. For how long are we going to be trapped in this mess? Please save your long epistle for Nigerians as for me, Biafra is a done deal. My love for Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra knows no bound. God bless Nnamdi Kanu and all those who stand by the truth. I stand with fairness, equality, and justice, and Nigeria can't give you these three things without compromise. The puppet Acting President focused entirely on rubbing liniment on a wounded limb. Some wounds can be healed to save the limb, in other cases the wound cannot be healed and the limb must be severed to save the patient's life. For each of the scenarios of lost aunts and friends, Godson and family friends that touch the Acting President personally, there are millions of lives in agony and pains resulting from the imperfection and irrecoverable burdens of a disjointed Nigeria. We cannot hold the thread together at seams and keep hoping for a better future as each day, week, month, year, decade roll by and our situation continue to descend from good to bad to worse and now to despicable! It is time to serve the limbs and save lives of millions, those few with personal emotional ties across the ethnic lines should find ways to reconcile their ties. Nigerians are married to other nationals across the globe and we have friends spread across the universe, we don't ask to join ethnicity and nationality with them so that our kinship can bind and unify for diverse growth. We get visa when we need to cross boundaries and visit with relatives and friends in their sovereignties. We are already doing that, so breaking Nigeria into its constituents does not change for us what we are already adept at traveling. if you are Igbo or lover of freedom and you are not supporting this man. i say to you Kpugharia utara ofe agwugo (have a rethink). Finally, Back in nursery and primary school, when you answer a question, the teacher would say, "Well done, class go" and the whole class would clap for you. In secondary school, it was "A round of applause for him" or "Clap for him." There was this feeling that went with it, when the whole class applauds you. It was thrilling and elating. There is something about applause, about being applauded. It engenders certainty that what is done is right. Without doubt Nnamdi Kanu has done well and it is time to give honor to whom deserves it. It's a calculated insult for Chris Ngige to ask Biafraland to invest in Buhari 's campaign that led to his rigged into power as President of Nigeria in 2015. It's unfortunate that till now few persons in Biafraland have lost it all and bought Fulani Northern Agenda, simply to Islamize Biafrans by force. The renowned, fearless politician from the West, Femi Fani-Kayode, knows who we Biafrans are, and he discredit your immaturity over the event of the time, he said and I quote, "The devilish dwarf and little pygmy that said Igbos should not complain about marginalization because they didn't vote for Buhari is a ...... village idiot, a compound fool and unrepentant slave. He has sold his soul to the devil and he is eating crumbs from his master's table". Do you really know who we are? God's own chosen Nation, peculiar to Him. Chris Ngige, you are a disgrace to Biafrans, you are egocentric because you think you are at the doors of Nigeria power and from your calculations, do you think that the power will last forever? Unresting souls of innocent children, legends killed during and after Biafra war shall never rest until people like Chris Ngige rise up and do the needful or face younger generation like us and your disgraceful end which will be highly inevitable, and it is very close if you don't repent. To investor vote for who? God forbid evil, it's only an Evil man can reason same with you. Chris Ngige, Let the sufferings of our heroes that has passed to the great beyond never be in vain.

Writer; Ezeani Henry C. Editor; Okoronkwo Chukwu Iheke Published For Umuchiukwu Writers
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