By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos(Abia writers )
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
I have known average Yourbas as cowards. Just see how Obasanjo displayed his cowardice to the world by calling General Odimegwu Ojukwu a fool.

When Ojukwu was alive Obasanjo never called him a "fool" but now that he is dead, Obasanjo has the unthinking effrontery to call him a fool. Where is respect for the dead which is the hallmark of Africa tradition, where is the example an elder is supposed to show to younger ones.
I thought old age represents wisdom, knowledge and truth! But Obasanjo is a total disappointment and a disgrace to old age in general.

Obasanjo spoke like a motor park tout (hoodlum) and a coward for insulting ojukwu at the back. It is not a true character of the brave soldier he claimed to be.
The lord of Otta , talked about people sowing seeds of discord and hatred among Nigerians, referring to IPOB indirectly. Obasanjo you have disclosed to the world how you, Gowon and Nigerian soldiers supervised by Britain, raped, maimed and killed over 3.5 million Biafran men, women and children.
Point of correction, Ojukwu, didn't take Biafrans to the war rather Gowon attacked Biafrans in their land before General Ojukwu retaliated as a brave man and soldier he is.

Mind you, we are not the same people and we can never be. Obasanjo, why did you and Gowon attack Biafrans when Ojukwu and Gowon agreed on true "federalism " in Aburi Ghana? Is it not this restructuring you people are now clamoring for that was agreed and signed in Aburi Ghana that the arch genocidist Gowon reneged on?
Obasanjo, we don't need to wait for you to end our existence before we fight or defend our rights /people. Yes, our fathers started the race in 1967 and we will end it in our time and there is no going back. It is Biafra or death.
Biafrans any insult against the peoples' general, Ojukwu is an insult against all Biafrans. We cannot stand and watch the most irresponsible man in the zoo called Nigeria insult our dead general.
In Biafra we trust.

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  1. Infact now Biafrans in general have now realised where they are by welcoming oneness rejected divide and rule speaking with one voice Obasanjo and his atrocities committed against Biafrans now we send him to take a bed near Buhari IN BIAFRA WE STAND UNSTOPPABLE ALL HAIL BIAFRA NO GOING BACK