Biafra as a nation has every legitimate reason to honour their fallen heros/heroin,who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the well being of her Nation-Biafra.

 We all know that Biafrans were in existence before the invasion of the whitemen(the British)

 Who are the Biafrans? They are a group of race of people living in west Africa near the atalantic ocean,having their values and culture.They are republicans in nature. 

 In the year 1967 war broke out between the nigeria government and the Biafrans from the southern part.The nigeria government declared total extermination of Biafrans,the war lasted for a good 30 months.the nigeria government and her allied committed genocide which no one have held account for that till this day. 

 On the year 30th,May 1968 Biafra declared her independent in self defence as a nation known as "AHIARA DECLARATION"

 While is it worthy for us to honour our dead heros.who are the dead and what makes them hero? A dead is someone who is no longer alive,while  a hero is someone admired for his brave deeds.Having know this,is it not worthy for us to appreciate what did that we might live. 

 In peorle and cultures of the world many honour their their dead one like during the 1st and 2nd world war many countries honour their heros.they declare a national or public holiday and perform many ceremoney by lying a wreath on the grave side of a fallen hero. 

 In Biafraland,for the past 3 years Biafrans have being celebrating their hero's day to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice that we might live.The indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB) Will be celebrating this year 2017 hero's day in grand style,not like as usual ,people will not be convaging at a particular place. 

This year is called sit at home hero's day to be done on the 30th of may,2017.We can remember that 30th may 2014 was held at Enugu rally,Aba Abia state at C.K.C Aba Enyimba city,2015.while the 30th may,2016 was held at Nkpor also know n as Nkpor massacre.
 We shall sit at home this year to honour our those old men,women and children massacred between 1967-70,those  massacred in cold blood  at the national high school Aba,Abia state at the 9th January,2016 by the nigeria murderous agents.Those massacred at Nkpor on 30th may,2016.Igweocha 20th January,2017.and all other Biafrans killed during this our struggle for the restoration of Biafra nation. 

 Even before this,it is the culture of Biafrans to honour their dead parents;as Biafrans are mainly christians,one can remember that in the christiandom every year november 02,is set outside to remember their love ones. 

 In view of this,each and every Biafrans who believed in the total restoration of Biafra nation owns it a duty to honour our fallen heros/heroin by setting that day outside,praying for our parentr,fellow brothers and sisters and observe as mentioned by the IPOB highe command.If you call yourself a true Biafran keep a date on 30th may,2017 as we will celebrate this year in a grand style unknow to the world,IPOB leads and other follow,30th MAY,2017.
Amandikwa Chukwugoziem
Abia writers) 
    Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe 

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