Going by the law of creation, only God has the power to create a nation. But quite unfortunate ,Nigeria is a creation of a single man delegated by the British.

Little wonder the several unending menace and absurdities taking place in that creation from the very beginning to date and is most likely going to continue unless Nigeria breaks-up.

Nigeria's break up is actually for the good , interest and well being of all those concerned.

We should stop wasting peoples' precious time trying to develop an already dead country . It is about time to face the truth once and for all.

Break up Nigeria today so that the people will go their separate ways and you will see how that one act will be the one cure that cures all. Break up Nigeria today and  end corruption in the society of man.

Break up Nigeria and nepotism will pass away; patriotism will permeat every nerve and marrow ; all vices that have bedeviled humanity from Nigeria's formation will end .

Every responsible member of the human race must actively do something to end the destructive and disgraceful continued existence of nigeria.

Together we can work honestly, sincerely and pragmatically to break up Nigeria into the naturally created nations they were.

Every little act anyone can contribute will surely go along way at saving lives and helping advance a peoples ' happiness and a life of fulfillment.

Every responsible member of the human race will not find it difficult to agree without equivocations that each of the reasons enumerate below is so fundamental and can be sufficient on their individual merit to warrant Nigeria's break up :

1. Nigeria as a third party construct, was put together without due consent of the actual members of the union or taking into consideration the feelings and the cultural sensitivity of any of these three nations( Biafra, oduduwa and ariwa).

2. The union from the onset is faulty because the fundamental ingredients that make any nation to stand were lacking, things like common religious and cultural activity .

3. It is believed that all sucessful unions are those that their members can communicate among themselves in a clear language that every party to the arrangement understands. Nigeria can't be one because of these reason.

4. Islamic project against Biafrans and other non Muslim populations of the failed nigeria experiment is so overt and boiling over and continuously boiling on.

5. The greatest genocide in Africa was committed against Biafra by Nigeria between 1967 and 1970.

6. For a union to work, there must be a common objective or goal that everybody in the union must subscribe to, in the case of this dead country call Nigeria, there are different objectives amongst the three parts that were forced into becoming one state -the Muslim north and west have different agendas from the Biafrans.

The list is endless. Let's just say that there is no compatibility and there will never be a time when there will be one between these three parts that Mr Lugard forced to become one.

What is needed at this time is for the men and women of good will all over the world who hate absurdity and the unnecessary destruction of fellow human lives which Nigeria has been committing against the Biafran people for the rediculous reason that "Nigeria's unity is non-negotiable " is to join efforts to break-up Nigeria for the single reason that mankind may be liberated.

- Emmanuel Kelechi
  Abia Media Team
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