The reason why we have brain is to think and what makes us human beings is the ability of thinking. You are the way you are today is the ability of your reasoning , be it politically, socially or other wise. Nigeria government is the way it is today because of the inability of the people to think. In Nigeria government I lost all hope that not only in Muhammadu Buhari administration will bring about any positive economic change in the country but also for those clamoring for presidency up coming election 2019 and beyond. The challenges facing Nigeria today is not about the leaders but about the foundation of the country how it was formed. If I may ask, who created Nigeria? What was the agreement between the people before the amalgamation in 1914? What is that same value system that unites the people together as one Nigeria? Can any Nigerian leader answer this question and get the country out of this mess. The major problem facing Nigeria today is nemesis because the name Nigeria is fraud and that makes all their leaders fraudsters.

Just like the Muhammadu Buhari that I know from history who is an economic disaster and the only hope for Nigerians was of the possibility of the president getting experts and smart people to run the economy. But that didn't happen, instead they discovered that the president had an atavistic attachment to the disastrous and antiquated policies he rolled out during his first advent as military head of state some thirty years ago. He clearly had no interest in history. But like patterns that run in a dreary circle, history did nothing but repeat itself. The Nigerian government have failed woefully now that the people are beginning to ask questions. In the case of citizen Mazi Nnamdi kanu confirmed Nigeria as a fraud state. In a country where constitution was made as a law in which Nigerians abind but is not been practiced. I was been taught in School that my Wright as a citizen or what I benefit from government are :

1) property ownership.

2) freedom of speech.

3) freedom of associate.

4) freedom of movement.

5) freedom of worship.

If these are my wright's, what brings about the treasonable felony against one who practice it?


are lawful. The Wright for the indigenous population for self determination was declared in 2007 which Nigeria was a signature to it. Muhammadu Buhari trip to USA in 2015, during the 70th UN submit confirmed it by using the Palestinians in the north Israel as Example but forget that he has similar case in Nigeria.

The question that the world leaders need to ask president Muhammadu buhari is, how are you handling the issue of Biafra?

Why should Nnamdi kanu be try under Sharia law why the country is been ruled by constitution? Is Nigeria an Islamic state?

Going by the president body language, the islamaization agender in Nigeria is true. Muhammadu Buhari have confirmed Nnamdi kanu a prophet, a lawful and also a man of truth. Despite all your secrets have been revealed, why are you still holding him. The south east leaders and south south just concluded a meeting that with out Nnamdi kanu been released, there should be no election in Biafra land and the duty of the people is to listen to their leaders and that can only reminds me that the down fall of Nigeria is the raising of Biafra.

Abia Media Team
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