Stupendous folks that called themselves lawyers, barristers and judges in Nigeria are only but daft, illiterates and expensive fools. Folks that studied in unnecessary expensive high institutions and obtained debased high degrees of corruption.
And they claimed that they are learned but could not unleash an iota of profound knowledge and discreet logic that may prove the veracity of their claims. Indeed the parents of these so called judges, lawyers and barristers must be ashamed that their children are unable to defend the money spent on their behalf.

This Nigeria bar association could not volunteer unanimously and stand to defend the rule of law and the citizens. An association that should promote the rule of law is now promoting corruption thereby demoting justice and sound judgment.
Bribery have blinded all of them that is why when they see black they said is white and white they said is black.  But my question to them is this” will you live forever?”  The answer is “NO”.

When Nnamdi Kanu said that, Nigeria educational system is wretched and poor some people critiqued his assertion. The Nigerian syllables, contents of study, research materials are streamlined in a particular political conception.  For example, a candidate who exceeds the mark s and knowledge expected will be demoted by lecturers who are afraid that they will seem uneducated before other candidates. What a dis-empowering country!.

The democratic and republican even monarchic and every system of governments in the world unconditionally ruled that the Prime minister, the leader and Director of indigenous people of Biafra [IPOB] Nnamdi Kanu is legal in all the activities yet the murderous DSS and its kingpin Muhamadu Buhari the latest ROBOT in ASO ROCK and his northern cohorts with their Yoruba faithful slaves defiled court orders by having him re-detained. I asked another question, where are the Nigerian legal practitioners?

- Chibuenyim
  Abia Media Team
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