“The potency of a person's worth is by their vehemence of speech and action”
Binta nyako has a case to answer after every court she presides to judge. Her prejudice and tactless speech is enough reason for the people to accept her self-disqualification to judge NNAMDI KANU the prime minister of the indigenous people of Biafra.

I question her judgement over suggestive study of secret trial in sharia law. Am not the first person to question her illicit knowledge. Buhari did that too when he disqualified Islamic women to take up a leadership position. A position where women detects what happens in the state. Buhari stated it clear that women are meant to be in the kitchen even his own wife Aisha Buhari the first lady of the zoo. So how come the same president and the so called sharia concoctors unable to speak against Binta {a woman} defending their Sharia? In fact they are confused.

Sharia law is a stipulated rules and regulation that governs all the Islamic states. [Accept my definition because we are well read].

Buhari included Nigeria as an Islamic country. And the agenda of Boko-Haram is to spread Islam and Sharia  law. Now, Binta having refer Biafrans to Sharia law edicts is a clear indication that she lacks discretion and should be in the kitchen to cook for her terrorist husband Mr. Murtala. She is incapable to judge the most erudite of the century Nnamdi Kanu.

The ruling out of 6 charges against Nnamdi Kanu is not a guarantee that Binta will be favorable to Biafra. Binta is a wicked woman who is playing on peoples fantasies. She ruled those charges out in order to gain ground and execute her usual murderous act. She is a wolf in sheep clothing.

IPOB legal team should strategize. Of course Biafra is capable to give her whatever she needs.

- Chibuenyim Brain
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