The Indigenous People Of Biafra under the leadership of her amiable leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the Director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television is gladden to tell the world that they are formidable and resolute in the struggle to Biafra.
IPOB has this spirit of never die and never give up in the fight to freedom.

Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) meeting of zone two Okpulo in Obigbo Igweocha Rivers State Biafra land  under the leadership of Mazi Eze Ndu (Zonal Coordinator) .They has been advised by the state Coordinator Mazi David Njoku to learn the National Anthem that by his next visit, he wants to make sure that every IPOB member in this zone can sing the  National Anthem of Biafra off heart.

The blessed nation of Biafra remains sacrosanct and inevitable. A call for the Indigenous People Of Biafra worldwide to learn the national Anthem and teach their children because the kingdom of ChiukwuOkikeAbiama (the supreme creator of the universe) has come to stay.

Our motor remains in defence of freedom. In an Igbo Speaking Biafrans adage in English interpretation has it " He that hears the cry of his brethren doesn't runaway because Igwebuike (Unity Is Power).

Biafrans worldwide must stand up and do the needful. Biafra remains our only hope of survival. We never give up because many has paid the ultimate sacrifice to make sure we are free. No retreat No Surrender.

Believe you me, the numbers of the gallant soldiers joining IPOB to restore motherland is encouraging. The Indigenous People Of Biafra, in Igweocha are indeed formidable and resolute. The spirit of Biafra has taken over Igweocha and they are ready to do anything the chains of command ask them to do to ensure Biafra is restored. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu must be free from illegal detention of unconditional DSS dungeon. Iseeee iseeee iseeee

We Must Continue

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