Just as it has ever been trumpeted for the whole Biafrans to shun the elections being conducted in this British concocted contraption called Nigeria, so that the whole world will know that Biafrans are fed up being part of Nigeria, the people of Ebonyi state are the first to have demonstrated their readiness to leave Nigeria and other states in Biafra land must follow suit.

The local governments election slated to be held in Ebonyi state on Saturday, 22nd April, 2017 was marred with frustration by the people as they stayed back in their homes leaving the INEC officials and Nigerian security operatives to warm the seats at the polling centres, while some others went on their normal day to day businesses, as was observed by some media personnel that walked round. The observers noted that few voters,who came out to know if the voting was taking place were entertained with canned soft drinks, snacks and sachet water, which were brought to the polling units to woo voters into voting for some pre-arranged winning parties and candidates.

On the course of brief interactions with some people, it was understood that some political parties and politicians actually doled out money bags,which they gave to some persons prior to the election. These monies were expected to be used to buy voters over for the election but those whom the monies first entered their hands kept them for their private use and brought a little out of it to buy the soft drinks and snacks to be shared to unsuspecting voters. The aggrieved people of the state reiterated that come 2019 election, no one will come out to vote for any one as there is no reason to vote in a country,where electorates will be shared peanuts prior to every election only to be abandoned to their fate after  some persons had been voted in.

Despite the state government's earlier warnings that all business premises and activities must be shut down during voting hours on the said date, the popular Eke Izhia market,near a primary school,where one polling unit at Ntsurakpa community in Ohaukwu local government is, which has turned to a daily market was seen laden with active business men and women doing their sales. One of the business men,who pledge to remain anonymous, when spoken to by one of our newsmen said "there is no need going out there to vote, because our votes won't count. They have already selected the persons to be the chairmen in all the local government areas of the state and only want us to come out there to fulfill all righteousness. Going there is a waste of precious time".

Most people in the state were of the stand that, until Biafra is restored, they are not interested in voting again in any election at all. They said that since it had been all waste of times and useful energies to go out to vote, when after, nothing good comes out of it. They equally prayed God, ChukwuAbiama to grant Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafrans held in different prison facilities in Nigeria their freedom. Also, to grant Biafra land her freedom from this British contraption.

Finally, they called on Biafrans all over the world particularly those in Biafra land to shun the so-called election in their various states. As the gubernatorial election is drawing near in Anambra state, Anambrarians are advised to take a cue from what the Ebonyians did and boycott voting in the election slated for November in the state. Biafrans are also asked to avoid the general election in 2019 and by so doing the world will know that we Biafrans are no longer interested in remaining a part of this zoo called Nigeria.

- Ogeh F and Vals Chuks
   Ebonyi Media Team
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