BIAFRA NEVER DIE. If this kids saying give us Biafra are proudly on the street without fear or favor of anybody is a warning to Nigerian government and her supporters to do the right thing .On 22nd of  April 2017 , the street in ABA ABIA PROVINCE in Biafra land was filled with children shouting WE SAY NO TO SHARIA LAW, NO TO SECRET TRIALS, NO TO UNLAWFUL DETAINTION , FREE NNAMDI KANU AND FREE BIAFRA with play cards on their hands and displaying of Biafra flag every where. I  became afraid of what Nigeria will be. For children to be taken to the street it means that a revolution is on the way. Nigerians should wake up now for this is no longer the issue of Biafra alone because nobody knows the group that may come up tomorrow. I  asked  one of the children yesterday why they are on the street , she was proud to tell me that in Nigeria government they have lost hope that if someone can be arrested and detained for not committing  any crime, people where being killed on daily basis and nobody is saying anything so why should they not take their future into their hands. Where are those that said they are Nigerians, what is your advice to Nigeria? What is to come against Nigeria is greater than the plagues you are seeing today against Nigeria. I have understood that millions of people in Biafra land today are in one voice and united so there is no how you can fight them or try to stop them. They love their leader MAZI NNAMDI KANU more than they love them selves  that is why despite the killings they still maintain their slogan Biafra or dearth. When people keep saying that if Biafra can only come through war or piece that they are ready, what does that mean to you. It is time for Nigeria to brake up, let everyone go his separate ways. 

For how long shall they keep us as slaves in our own land? The answer lies in your actions to restore Biafra. For seeing this kid's on the streets full of courage waken my spirit to begin to ask questions what to do for Biafra to come because that is our only hope. The only hope where our human right must be respected, the only hope where equal rights should be practiced, the only hope where there should never be corruption. Following the leadership system of the indigenous people of Biafra, I can catigoricaly say that BIAFRA is the kingdom of God on earth with no doubt this is a divine call. My message to the world is to make an effort to put to an end the injustice bestowed upon the Biafran people and let justice prevail. Biafra is an ideology, there is no how you can pretend to cover it or quench it. It is every day life and fresh in the mind of every Biafra. United Nations preaches piece but fight against piece what an injustice? United Nations was established to maintain peace and other but the question is what have they done for the case of Biafra in the hand of the Nigerian government after seeing the killings and kidnapping of the innocent people by the Nigerian security agencies. Despite that there is a provision for self defense but because of the ideology guiding the people of Biafra that says live let live and the respect they have for human life that describes human being as the beauty of life (nma ndu). They could have done something that should have been an a different story today but it seems like the world don't understand the language of piece. If is a call of violence l believe that the world should have been doing what is needful of them. But to God be the glory for His will must be done.

Abia Media Team 
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