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False Prophets now a big Menace to Christianity in Nigeria  
                                                                      Congregation of 'Miracle' working Churches
Prof Pius Abioje, of the Department of Religions, University of Ilorin says false prophecy is against the tenets of Christianity.

Abioje said this on Friday in Ilorin while delivering the 167th Inaugural Lecture of the University entitled: "Christian Prophets and other Prophets in Nigeria''.

The expert on Religious Studies frowned at the trend, which was becoming something else in Nigeria.

According to him, the false prophets have become a nuisance in the society, as they claim to perform wonders which they use in confusing unsuspecting Nigerians.

Abioje, who lectures in the Faculty of Arts of Unilorin, urged Nigerians not to be gullible and susceptible to their divination and prophecies.

The expert while recalling the history of Christian Prophetic Movement in Africa, said it was characterised by burning of magical objects and claims of casting out evil spirits, rather than engagement in issues of social justice.

The don questioned why many titular Christian prophets avoid social and ethical issues and focus basically on divinatory and esoteric aspects of prophecy.

Abioje explained that there were some non-conventional prophets who stood for the truth at all cost such as late Chief Gani-Fawehinmi.

He described him as a modern prophet, who was outspoken, a social critic and conscience of the society.

He also described Martin Luther King Jr, Walter Rauschenbusch, Gustavo Gutierrez and Rosemary Radford Reuther as modern prophets who proclaimed God's demand for justice for four different groups of people.

The professor called on Nigerians to strive to be critical prophets who speak against evils on behalf of God and try to live holy lives.

Abioje also appealed to divinatory prophets to avoid fraudulent acts, but see divinatory knowledge as a divine endowment to be used altruistically.

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