Author:                        Ugochinyere Onyechere 
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Date:                             13th April 2017

From the beginning of human history, diabolic people, have persistently used God’s name to commit heinous atrocities all over the world; wars have become more bloody when religious sentiments are attached. It’s quite understandable that the amalgamation of diverse ethnic groups and nations in one abominable Nigeria helped in synchronizing the death of innocent people; hence republican Biafrans were forcefully merged with bloodthirsty Muslims who sees others as abominable infidels that deserve to die. During the Nigerian/Biafran war, atrocities and war crimes were obviously committed; but the international community failed to identify or recognize that ethnic and religious supplications have been the masterminders of the war. In other words, those that planted the evil contraption called Nigeria are to be held responsible. Before Biafrans were forced into one-Nigeria, there were never war, nor ethnic counter-motions between them. But everything turned into negative shapes from the day the contraption came to existence.

The Biafrans were morally fit, though lacked weapons to fight; but their morals aimed derogative infectives of the Nigerian government of oligarchy, who directed the killing of innocent Biafran women and children, by imposing blockade as spearheaded by Awolowo, on Biafra. All human contacts with the outside world were cut off; hence the Nigerian military junta added hunger to the already existing weapons of mass destruction in their asylum. Neither food nor medicine was allowed into the Biafra land, hence; malnutrition begot kwashiorkor, also know as Harrow Wilson’s syndrome. Biafrans were meant to suffer such fate, yet the world pretended not to know. Those innocent citizens were despised, without any moral justification. After such crime against Biafrans, the world maintained that we should remain with such wicked people: this is the greatest form of provocative syndicates. My take is that their is something definitely behind the idea of maintaining one Nigeria; this reason remains phantom in nature. The world is really hiding something tracing back to how we were forced into the useless one Nigeria. 

Nigeria and Cameroon remain the only country forcefully united. And the only objective is oil and gas syndrome. I still remain alien to the fact that some useless Nigerians are ignorant of the oil hunger of the British government. The emblem voice of Radio Biafra and other sincere hearted people all over the world prosperously vented their dislike of Biafrans. Bruce Mayrock is a case study; the 20-year-old American Jew, burnt himself alive while protesting the genocide committed against Biafrans in far away from West Africa. Russia and the Egyptian pilots, under the auspices of the Nigerian military junta, continued their victorious early attack on Biafra; damping powerful bombs, into the Biafran schools, churches, markets, refugee camps and hospitals killing hungry and sick Biafran children. 

Today, we hear of ARM FORCES REMEMBRANCE DAY, and not even an hour is set aside to remember thousands of Biafra children who died as a result of hunger orchestrated by the blockade and as a result of bombs dropped by the fiendish Egyptians and Russian pilots fighting for the Nigerian Military junta. As a matter of fact, more than three countries fought against Biafrans. Today, someone from another outer space of the country is still determined to support Nigeria. A country that was meant to loose about six million of her people, still being forced to remain with the perpetrators of the same crime. Arkwright is hallucinating on the fact, that Nigeria remains one, while his country is fighting on exiting the European Union; this sounds so provocative. Their jokes that are meant to be expensive, maybe he was joking, but he must be cautioned. That is the act of purporting and shielding evil in this 21st century. Arkwright’s statement is enough to categorize the British government a terrorist organization. So, what will happen hence we have decided to exit the contraption they created? Will they kill us just like they did 50 years ago? Well, it should be cleared to them that this younger generation of Biafra has decided to die instead not to get Biafra. Man dies only but once. A killer will one day die, while he that was killed will also die. We have grown beyond threatens, we have outgrown intimidations.

It’s obvious that war is an ill-wind that blows anyone no good. Often times, mere metabolic contestants escalate to full-fledged wars. Therefore, the world should be mindful of how they address Biafrans. The British Nigerian government should be of notice, that peace and humidity are not equivalent to cowardice. British citizens and governments should bite the words they throw at us, to examine how bitter it is, before letting it out; hence, interiors can recircle, but words can never. they should remember that the proclamation of Biafra as a sovereign state was made on 30th May 1967, with just 3,000 soldiers;  but at the end of the war, more than 30,000 soldiers were seen laying down arms. This is only but the most little that will happen should the world remain silent. with The genocidal war against Biafra helped to reduce the Biafran population, as different countries keep good contacts with the Nigerian military junta. When medications and roundtable discussion fails to settle differences in Africa, war is always accompanied, and the side that gets the western godfather’s supports always. Why have the United Nations failed to address this memo? This is the answer they must answer the Africans. 

The brave fallen heroes of Biafra; you fought gallantly,
Your generation will always remember your honesty,
You died for them to live; they live to remember you everlastingly,
Fight on! Fight on!! Brave heroes, fight on the fight for eternity.

Publisher:  Prince Richmond C. Amadi 
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