Author: Eziwetalu Peter Editor: Ugochinyere
Date: 13th April 2017
Indeed, this has to be an annual activity holding in all BIAFRA land and in diaspora. It has also remained part of our soul mind and body that we have recorded in million numbers the fallen of our hardcore members. From my infancy till date no year passes by without series of unjustified slaughtering of Biafrans recorded in this evil amalgamated contraption called Nigeria. Nevertheless that these sacrificial lambs were human like you and me; who gave up their lives in the journey of making BIAFRA nation a reality. These persevered late members stood firm in the struggle until the blood-thirsty security agencies in the zoo hunt them to their untimely grave; may their soul rest in peace. It pains me most when I recall that the most killings were ordered by our so called insane status governors who gave out the instructions due to one stupid political reason or the other. A disturbance it remains when I see or hear some lunatic Biafrans expressing their lunacy by speaking oddly of this exercise our of mere stupidity. I also pity lack boldness of the Biafrans in authority to order all marketplaces, motor parks, offices, closed because afraid of being removed by a higher authority. I called that a cowardice act. Shame upon the governors in BIAFRA land who are ready to deploy troops on us on that remarkable event day if it would have been a public gathering. Their mindsets and triggers have been set to murder us again. I strongly believe in the impact this exercise will produce towards the mission of making BIAFRA a reality as I know it will attract the attention of the international communities to know the reason of the paused state of BIAFRA land. Our relentless efforts in spreading this knowledge to all will help dignify heroes honorably and also add some glamor to our mission. Adequate dissemination of this information will help in convincing people to participate in this peacefully declared exercise. I regret the baboon-likes among Biafrans who will show reluctance to this; due to selfishness and ignorance, which will eventually yield them nothing more than remaining enslaved in the hands of Nigeria/British state. I call on our people to sacrifice this outdated day in honor of our heroes; on the contrary, sounding it as a warning to all to adhere to the rules-abiding this harmless exercise; because we must remember our heroes. REMEMBER OUR PERSEVERANCE MAKES A PRESERVATION FOR US AT LAST.

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi

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