Nnamdi Kanu chose Uche Mefor after having looked into Biafrans at home and Biafrans in Diaspora because he knows that he [Uche] is disciplined.
Uche Mefor was chosen by director not because of his professed religion but his agility, focus, recusant and integrity. Nnamdi Kanu knew that Mefor is a Christian but he chose him because he saw the primary virtues that makes a man utile and these primary innate is what is lacking among some people in IPOB. I must confess that Uche is disciplined and subordinate to Nnamdi Kanu.
For those of you that slams and cajole all the strenuous efforts of Uche Mefor just because he confessed Jesus Christ and Christiaity please be attentive.[ if not that Nnamdi Kanu and Uche Mefor began this radio Biafra broadcast perhaps most of you would not have known anything to criticize].
There are hundreds of religions in the world today and god [chukwuokike] gave everyone the spirit and power to choose whom you may worship- he does not compel any one. There are worshipers of Hindu, Buddha, Christians, Islam, in Biafra country. There also atheist, Jewish, Gordon, Biafra religion and etcetera. Even there are homosexual, bisexual and lesbianism in the world. All these are different religion with different dogma.
But our monotheism in nature is what gave us the impetus to worship god the creator as the only entity venerable because Biafra is a religion. Now that Uche Mefor who is a Christian administering Biafra restoration program as a deputy director, is a perfect match because we were all called Christians even you and the Britain that is oppressing us brought the Christianity and abandoned us to be killed by Muslims and some Biafrans confessed Islamism example ROCHAS OKOROCHA of Imo state.
Some of you who thought that Uche is not doing it right please be attentive.
Nnamdi Kanu might have given an order which you thought Mefor did not execute properly [ I do not know the exact oder]. One thing that makes a good and reasonable representative or manager is the ability to approach issues with a meticulous flexibility when a negative feedbacks disguises. Uche Mefor has the right to change protocols if the need arises because the indigenous people of Biafra prime minister in the person of NNAMDI KANU trusted him and knew that he is capable to make right decisions. Please Biafra critiques – burry  the cat and let’s go back work.

- Brain Chibuenyim.
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