Author:       Mbah Chinonso,
Editor:         Ugochinyere Onyechere

 I want to draw the attention of the world on why Nigeria can never be one with Biafra people and the calculated genocide British government committed on Biafra people. Before the coming of British to Africa, there was nothing like Nigeria, the Hausa-Fulanis were referred to as Arewa in Nigeria while the Yoruba were known as Oduduwa, and the Igbos of old eastern Region are referred to as Biafrans, these are the three nations in which the British government amalgamated to be one Nigeria. British government created Nigeria and not the indigenous people of the land. Biafra as civilized people with the general believes that all men are created equal under the goodness of one God who is revealed in nature and that all have life, liberty and the pursuits of happiness as inalienable rights.

We Biafrans openly welcomed the British people when they came to our land unknown to us they have come for the destruction of our land because of the natural resources they found in our land. We have no ruler nor king or government, not even a standing police because we were ruling ourselves and are in unity with one another; not until the British started sowing seeds of divide and rule among us by appointing kings to rule us so that it will be easy for them to rule us. After the British government has gained full ground among us, they started using our people as slaves to work for them on their farms. They raped our mothers and young girls to death and also selling our people out to different parts of Europe as slaves during slaves trade.

Thye also started hanging our people to death and also beheading them because they tried to stop them from raping our women; the highest people sold as slaves during slaves trade are the Biafran people because we are hard working. The beheading you see ISIS doing today is a result of what the British did to Biafra.The British government decided to enslave and exploit the Biafran natural resources from 1885 to date through the Islamic Hausa Fulanis in the northern parts of Nigeria.

The British controlled Nigerian oil and Gas industry through the Kaduna mafias which are made up of Islamic Hausa Fulani leaders in the North. These people constitute the underground world that aims to Islamize and destroy Africa continent. Nigeria is designed as a British cum Hausa Fulani private property in a master-servant political and economic relationship. When the Biafran people became frustrated with the British colonial laws they peacefully requested for their freedom but the British government would not let them have it, rather the British government selfishly amalgamated the northern and southern protectorate in 1914 in a bid to exploit the Biafrans through the Islamic Hausa Fulani in the North.

For ages these people have been with different values, different culture, different lifestyle, religion, aspirations, food, dressing, etc they don't intermarry themselves any attempt of intermarriage was met with harsh measures of disowning or even eliminating the couples concerned, so how are we one Nigeria? Nigeria is a contraption created by the British and she is under a curse that’s why Nigeria will never have peace and everything you hear about her is evil because the spirit of Biafrans which they massacred is against them until Biafra is allowed to go before they will have peace. British did not stop in amalgamating us but they went as far as committing a great calculated genocide on Biafra people during the Nigeria-Biafra war 1967-1970 which 6.3 million were killed. The British government lied to the world that nothing is happening in Biafra land through BBC and other media services, but were busy sending weapons to Nigeria army through Gowon, the supplied Nigeria government with their Royal Navy ship, Royal Airforce with soldiers to fight the Biafra

They bombed some major market's and villages in Biafra land killing women and children in large numbers. The Nigerian government in support of British government ordered the blockade of food into Biafra land; either by sea or Air starving women and children to death, in some instances pregnant women were killed and their unborn babies were pulled out of their wombs and murdered as well. The British government never for a day regretted the crime they committed against Biafrans just because of oil. Both the British government and Nigerian government have not be held accountable by any international court, not even ICC, for the genocide they committed; and the committers of this crime are still moving freely committing another crime with the help of British who is still arming the government of Buhari to kill more Biafrans through his terrorist Army and police in uniforms and Fulanis headsmen.

British citizen NNAMDI KANU was arrested for asking for the freedom of his people, the British government has never for one day ordered for his release, but they are busy planning on how to eliminate him because he is a Biafran and also exposing their evil plans to the world. Since Buhari came into power, from May 2015, the British government have supported in arming him to kill over one thousand IPOB members during their peaceful protest. The hundred years of amalgamation has expired and Biafra should be allowed to Go because Nigeria is now a contraption and also expired country since January 31st, 2013. The British government and Nigeria government killed 6.3 million Biafrans in cold blood and we demand that they should be tried at the international criminal court(I.C.C).

# Free Nnamdi #Free Biafra.

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi

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