Author:       Ugochinyere Onyechere
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Biafrans are said to receive and adhere to a central command; that command must come from the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, via his deputy, Mazi Uchenna Mefor. On countless occasions, while Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was still hosting Radio Biafra, he always tells Biafrans to always abide by his commandments if we truly love him. Without being told, Biafrans have in countless measures shown their love for their leader in undoubted ways. This time, we must once again keep this commandment; honoring our fallen heroes. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has always displayed his love and resolutions to the fullness of time; unmeasurable, he has isolated the distractive points of the Nigerian government. If I should suggest, personally I would say the normal proceedings of remembering our fallen heroes should remain same; that is, gathering at a spot, just a picture of what we did at Aba and Nkpor in the recent times,  but who am I to go against the will of the master?

The order has been given, and as such, we must be prepared to make it happen. Though there have been fictitious misunderstandings, but this should be put on the side for the main time. Come 30th May should determine the full readiness of Biafrans, the world at large must hear us. All the clans, regions and states that made up Biafran land must be locked up.  The lands of Abia, Imo, Bayelsa, Delta, Enugwu, Igweocha (Rivers), Anambra, Ebonyi, Igbanke, Idoma, Akwa-Ibom, Cross-Rivers, and Igala must be at rest for 24 hours, by honoring those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom via the process of remaining indoors. Buying and selling shouldn’t  be an excuse because they were killed for your sake. We must remember them because they fought gallantly to ensure the total emancipation of you and me. They must be remembered for they were innocent; they weren’t guilty of any crime or convicts. They must be remembered, for because of them, we have preferred death to living.

Our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, aunties and uncles they were, for that reason, we must remember them. Their blood will not flow in vain, for we have sworn to restore Biafra. Our fallen heroes must be remembered because the world has failed to give them justice and peace; the world has paid deaf ears to the genocide and war crimes committed against Biafrans. The world celebrates holocausts, and so many events that enumerated the killing of people around the globe; here, the death of over six million people from a particular race have been swept under the carpet. Had it been the British, it would be a worldwide event, let be the Americans, heaven and earth will stand still. Same is applicable to other civilized countries, yet Biafrans have been on the back page of events. These are the vital issues that should motivate our people to honor our dead. We must give them this respect, regardless the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

When I heard of this event, I sorely wept; not because it is termed sit at home, but because I was made to retrieve the memories of Onitsha head bridge, National High school Aba, Igweocha uncountable killings and the events that took place from 30th May 1967-1970. Many died, under the swift nose of a civilized and democratic world. May I backslid the pictures, seeing children going down of malnutrition and hunger; schools, churches, and marketplaces raced with fire and bombs. The world was silent, and continuously they had remained silent. These were the reasons they trashed history studies in our schools today. Vehemently, Biafrans were killed, consciously they were brutalized. Even till date, we are yet in that bondage. Since the world has refused to talk about them, we will not be silent. Someone rejected by people shouldn’t reject his/herself, for fortune is prominent. Our fallen heroes must be remembered, and we owe them that respect.

At the moment, evangelism and street interviews should remain the cordial activities to be carried out by all eminent Biafrans. We must show the world how fanatic we are, they must understand the fact that we are mad over restoring Biafra. We must show the Nigerian government that we can’t be deterred with their triggers, nor their prison walls. Those they have found pleasure in killing is to be remembered, and as such, we must go without the fear of any monkey or baboon in the zoo. Indigenous People Of Biafra have always, been an emulative narrator. We have straight records of events, which have never been in place in the whole planet earth. With these affirmations, we have come to another point. Our fallen heroes must be remembered. All markets, public or private schools, public or private companies, banks, and all other public or private sectors in Biafra Land will be a suspense. Our heroes are being remembered, and that’s the vital reason to be indoors. The politicians should be convinced that we are the owners of our lands; so should the entire world be made to believe.

This exercise is the most little of all sacrifices one should pay in this struggle. Those who can not participate in the exercise should have themselves blamed for any misfortune that should befall them. There’s an adage that says that “a man with a burning house does not chase after rats’. All the business, markets and school administrators should not pretend to be above this order because the blood of those innocent Biafrans killed will be against them one day is too small to pay them back; rather we should honor them with it. We should always remember that they wouldn’t have died if not because of us. The greatest abomination to be committed in Biafra land is to go against this order. Biafran fallen heroes must be remembered, they are not just heroes, but great heroes that defeated the world without any defensive weapon. We must honor them.

The Nigerian government, I believed would have been planning on how to kill us again, though we are at all times prepared to die, but this is an order, from the highest chains of command of IPOB. Death is the portion of any traitor or disobedient fellow that shall not adhere to this simplest order. If you love Nnamdi Kanu, you must obey his last commands. Biafrans, obedient is better than sacrifice. A word they say is enough for a wise fellow.

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi

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