It is wondered if there is any Christian Association in Nigeria except if they are political association masquerading as Christian association in Nigeria!

If there is a Christian association protecting the interest of Christians in Nigeria , then why are they keeping mute and watching Nigerian murderous security intimidate and kill Biafrans and Christians in southern kaduna with impunity and also complete their full circle of islamization agenda in Nigeria by smuggling in sharia law in Nigerian high court .
 The latest one that broke the camels back is the misguided and biased utterance made by Justice Binta Nyaku on 20th March, 2017 in Abuja high court, that the leader of I.P.O.B Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will be tried according to shariah law.
 CAN should stand up and take their full domestic responsibility as part of Christian body to say capital “NO” to Nigerian Muslim Government to judge the leader of I.P.O.B Mazi Nnamdi Kanu through sharia law, and not to see that statement made by Justice Binta Nyaku as a mere statement rather as a deliberate and calculated intention of the northern Muslim elders, Buhari and the British Government to Islamize Christians in Nigeria.

CAN should not handle this problem with kids glove rather as a sensitive and serious matter, and also remember that Nigeria is a Muslim registered country and will not like to loose any thing to Christians in Nigeria .Beside, Nigeria is one of the rugged and richest Muslim country in the world and No, 1 in Africa.

This was how they captured and conquered Turkey. Christians in Nigeria therefore , should not to be myopic about this situation on ground .

CAN should remember that Christ as the leader of Christendom on earth was never for one day afraid of any man born of a woman or hide away from truth.
This time CAN should emulate their leader Christ by coming out to call a spade a spade irrespective of who is involved.
CAN should come out boldly to stop the islamization of Christians in Nigeria, to protect the interest of Christians in Nigeria by protesting , by writing to the Christian communities globally , and expose Muhammadu Buhari and British government agenda to jail an innocent Biafran Christian , Mazi Nnamdi Kanu .

It has never been read, seen nor heard in the history of Nigeria, that Nigerian government intimidated or killed a Muslim . Instead the death of one Muslim has always resulted in the killing of thousands of innocent Biafrans as a means of avenging the careless death of that one Muslim.

This is the time CAN can take the bull by the horn to do the needful, useful, important and necessary steps to stop Nigerian Muslim Government from jailing an innocent man and also save the lives of other Christians in Nigeria as well, before things get out of hand.  
All hail Biafra
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