It beat ones imagination to see Biafrans from all works of life to have gathered on Sunday 26 th of March in Owerri zone singing and praising Chiukwu Okike Abiama in IPOB Owerri Zonal Meeting. The meeting saw a gargantuan crowd in attendants, the presence of past state executives, zonal leaders and clergy men from Pentecostal and Catholic Churches. In spirit of unison and brotherhood, Biafrans seize the opportunity to interact among themselves. Unclear and pending issues were resolved and the people collectively vowed to evangelise the entire Owerri.

The zonal coordinator (Mazi Abraham Chimamkpam) while admonishing all and sundry in the zone IPOB, warned Biafrans in the Owerri Zone to beware of federal Government, State Government and their agencies efforts to use some disgruntled elements in the state to cause distraction. He warned that anyone who is under an oath to Biafran restoration movement and submits to the temptation of working with the enemy by not working for the success of the Zone is “heaping a curses on himself”.

Addressing his units’ coordinators, he opined “no one should expect to still occupy any position without result. IPOB is not for position or recognition seeking, we are all here for result and nothing less to that. And if you are relieve of any assignment, you must work faithfully with whosoever is accredited to take over the new assignment. Anything less than that is insubordination and a slap to IPOB leadership. The mantra of this struggle is Command and Control (C&C), and anyone who is eluded of this arch-philosophy of this struggle of course has nothing to do in IPOB” he stated.

Feuding questions from Imo Media Team, Mazi Mata who is among the elders forum in Biafraland congratulated the Zonal Coordinator (Mazi Abraham) and encouraged him to “keep on keeping” as at the end, Owerri Zone will emerge greatly. The elder frowned seriously on some Biafrans’ zeal for leadership in the state without much result. He called such spirit “unbiafran” and encourage all to be focus and resolute.

The meeting which lasted for over four hours was observed in atmosphere of absolute placidity and the people departed safely.

Imo Media Team (IMT)
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