It is without doubt that The Indigenous people of Biafra under the command of Nnamdi Kanu, as the leading voice for the freedom of the nation of Biafra, is on the right track in the race.

To start with, the people of Biafra are a normal race in human history. It is on record that Biafra existed thousands of years before many of the states that are today reckoned as major states in the wide world sprang up.

It is also on record that Biafra as a nation existed thousands of years before the geographical space later called Nigeria was created by the act of a single white man, namely, Fredrick Luggard of Britain. An act which today is the woes of the same geographical space.

It is also on record that the nation of Biafra, as a normal nation was accepted by the nations of the world as a normal nation in African Continent, which was why she found a normal place in the old African Map. The evidence is still there life for consultations.

It is therefore not surprising that as a normal people and normal nation who for a long time occupied a place of acceptance and regard among nations which was why she was in the old African Map, but was corrupted by an act of a single foreign individual backed up by Britain, has considered it normal to regain her pride of place both in the continent of Africa and at the world stage.

Moreover, IPOB's struggle to have Biafra regain her pride of place, may not be considered outrageous as it is within the ambit of International Law for her to so do.

IPOB's struggle falls within the International Law referred to as 'The Third Generation Right'. Which makes the struggle internationally legal, to wit: A group of people commonly bound by the same or almost the same culture especially etc and who by an act or circumstance or circumstances beyond their control was compelled into an association otherwise outside their acceptance etc, has the rights to seek Self-Determination if and should they see the compulsory association as repugnant to their natural well-being.

This is a legal right in international law, which unequivocally is wholly accepted by states who are members of the UN, a member of which Nigeria presumably is one.

It would only be equity and a Natural justice for the UN to respect the right steps taken by IPOB in restoring Biafra back to her Pride of place in life by invoking that international law on Third Generation Rights into action now . "Delay deters equity " goes a trusted legal maxim.

-  Livingrich Ezeikpe
  Abia Media Team
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  1. Yes OH! It is all over with the contraption call Nigeria. Britain can not and should not and must be allowed to continue to keep Biafrans as slaves of Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba or as slaves of Muslim Islam jihadist; all in the name of one evil partner in crime Nigeria schemed up and master-mind by the British government. We want our total freedom! We want our nation Biafra! Free Nnamdi Kanu and the other three Biafran activist presently held with our leader Nnamdi Kanu. Also all of the other Biafrans presently being held in other unknown locations should be released. Asking for our total Freedom out of the Islam Muslim Jihadist bondage of the fake fraudulent British-created expired Nigeria country is not a crime!!!