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WHEN actions, plans or ideas change back and fort in different directions suddenly and completely, it can be termed a Zig-Zag movement. In the same vein,when an opinion dangles from one end to another, it can be referred to as a pendulum opinion. Then, when a court judge after giving a verdict on a case and all of a sudden reverts the verdict, it is corruption of the judiciary system and pure injustice. And it has it's mainstay in Nigeria judiciary. 

This unjust pronouncement against the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was first made by Justice John Tsoho in November, 2016, when he made it clear that there will be no screen shielding or masquerading of witnesses that will testify against the first defendant, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his co-accused persons, only to deny saying so in the next court sitting and insisted that the accused persons will be testified against by masked witnesses. This change of verdict in the court left people with many questions bordering on whether the accused persons are minors, that their trial will be done in secret or is there ever any hope for a common to get justice in Nigeria. Justice John Tsoho later bowed out of the case, when he couldn't have his way. Then appeared Justice Binta Mutala Nyako.

In February 2017, Justice Binta Mutala Nyako stormed her court room and made it abundantly clear that there is nothing so special about the case between the Federal Government of Nigeria and IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. She went further to pronounce that there will be no longer a secret trial against the accused persons, as was earlier ruled. The judge also rebuked the prosecution councils for not coming up with facts to support their charges. Then she warned that in the next court sitting, if convincing facts are not place on her table that she will strike the case out of the court for lack of merit. Her next court sitting, which was on Wed., 1st March, 2017 she quashed six(6) out of eleven(11) charges against the defendant for lack of requisite merits for procecution,after which the court sitting was adjourned to 20th and 21st March,2017.

The condition in the court room on 20th of March give a hint on what will be expected in the ruling. After a long delay due to several other cases slated for the same day and a short recess was had, Justice Binta Mutala Nyako took her seat with a warning to the journalists never to cover the court session with their cameras and phones. This action was viewed as a garg to the information carriers,yet it will be recalled that in the previous sitting, she scolded the DSS for not allowing the journalists to cover the alleged treasonable felony case. Then she broke the ice. Justice Binta Mutala Nyako has always been seen as one that the Federal Government of Nigeria sent to achieve a set objective. The first day that she took up her seat in the court on this case, she had declared that the court is hers and she can do with whatever she pleases. This statement was taken by the people with a pinch of salt, but to the people's chagrin, it came to fruition on the 20th of march. After the case was read out, she looked at the first defendant and said the the rest of the charges will be tried in secret, going further to ask the defence council,Barr. Ifeanyi Ejiofo if he has any idea about how secret trial works in Sharia Law. That the witnesses will either appear in masks or stand behind shielding screens to testify against the accused persons. 

Sharia Law without mincing words is analogous to Islamic religion. It is the law that guides Moslems and through which offenders of Moslem rites are punished. And now the big question is;why is Sharia law being brought up by Justice Binta Mutala Nyako in the judgement of the trumped up charges of treasonable felony against Mazi Namdi Kanu and his co-defenders? Does it now mean that everyone in Nigeria today in regarded as a Moslem? From the highlights above,one can only infer that Nigeria is now a full Moslem country. 

This pronouncement to most people did not come as a surprise anyway since it was broadcasted over and over again on Radio Biafra that the coming of the administration of Rtrd. Gen. Mohammadu Buhari,is to accomplish the Islamization of Nigeria. It is one of the prophecies of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu coming to fulfillment. The case between Biafra and Nigeria has proved to the world that Nigeria is an Islamic state. Now it will be clear to doubting Thomases that the islamization process is in it's full enforcement in nigeria. The people, particularly Christians had always argued how it is going to be possible, when the vice president, Mr. Yemi Osibanjo is a pastor of a Christan church. But it had always seemed ridiculous considering the fact Turkey, Constantinople, which was 1,126yrs as a Christian country was Islamized. Let alone where Christianity is just about 175yrs judging by the year 1842,when the Methodist Church finally came to cement Christianity at the southern protectorate.

The signs had been glaring since the inception of Mohammadu Buhari's administration from May 29th, 2015. From the lopsided nature of the appointments made for Chief of Staff to Head of Parastertals,who are drawn from the Moslem Northerners. All Buhari's body languages have always shawn his intent in that direction. Buhari had in 2011 vowed to accomplish the dreams of Othman Dan Fordio in numerous of his secret broadcasts in Hausa radios. He promised to make the then government of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan ungovernable. And fulfilled that by setting the Islamic Jihadists, Boko Haram against the past regime, which really worked against the past administration. And in his own administration, he had continued to set the ball rolling. As the activities of Boko Haram can not be allowed  to spread to the south, the Fulani herdsmen had been used extensively in the south to cause mayhem and in still fear in the people. All these had been to fulfill the plans of Organization of Islamic Countries,OIC, from the strategy meeting held in London in 1983. This organization body in that meeting decreed to turn the entire Africa to an Islamic continent. In their strategic plans, they intend to capture Nigeria first as the most populous country in Africa, and after that others will be history. 

In conclusion, these clarion calls to all Christians in Nigeria from the broadcasts made by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on Radio Biafra to the signs staring at their faces as exhibited by the present administration of Mohammad Buhari even if not enough to show the Christians that there is a dangerously looming plans to turn them to Moslems, the pronouncement of Justice Binta Mutala Nyako on 20th March,2017 at the Federal High Court, Abuja on Sharia Law Secret Trial of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has become a full clarification of the fact that Nigeria is already a confirmed Islamic country. 

- Obulose Chidiebere and Vals Chuks
  Enugwu Media Team
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  1. we say no to secret judgement of our leader and others. we shall win the battle. all hail Biafra!

  2. we say no to secret judgement of our leader and others. we shall win the battle. all hail Biafra!


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