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ENUGWU- LIKE the wild fire sweeps and leaks up the dry grasses,so it will be compared to the zeal with which the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB),Enugwu under the indefatigable leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is moving around and educating the people in every nooks and crannies of the state establishing families in readiness for Biafra restoration. 

In spite of the distance and the rough, bizzare, gully-erosion prone, non-coal tarred and red-dusty road coupled with the hot scorching heat of the sun, the inauguration team lead by Mazi Chukwuemeka Stephen walked through to the towns that are at the boundaries between Enugwu and Ebonyi. Even the common motor-cyclists popularly known as Okada riders could not carry people across the big gully caused by flood that has cut the road in two. The road seem to had been once graded by the government but abandoned for God knows why. Then at long last, the team arrived Ihenaoga-Imuhu village, their place of first port of call. 

The people were so happy, cheerful and pleased to welcome IPOB in their area. The hall was filled and the walls revaberated in response to the Biafran songs that saturated the entire environment. Mazi Ifeanyi Obioma, who came with the team from Enugwu gave the initial opening speech. He thanked the people for hearing about the IPOB visitors from Enugwu metropolis and left all they had to do to come welcome them. Throwing some light on the reason for the visit, he told them that the timely is adequate for the people of the are to join the moving train to the restoration of Biafra. He encouraged the people to be strong in mind astute not relenting as ChukwuAbiama is going to lead us to Biafra soon.

 Mazi Chukwunaedum Michael, the instituted coordinator welcomed the visitors and narrated how the fulani herdsmen invaded their farms few weeks before and destroyed their yams, cassava, rice and other valuables. While in another nearby village called Nkala, a man was killed in his farm. Some of the elders in the gathering thanked the youths for coming out under the umbrella of IPOB to restore Biafra,which had been their age long dream. They prayed God(ChukwuAbiama) to keep the youth together like a bunch of broom. Also, they prayed for the release of the leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from nigerian detention.

Concluding the speech in the town, Oriaku Obiageli Iloabuchi appreciated the people urging them to join in the struggle with their hearts,body and spirit as the people living in town can not achieve it alone. While Mazi Chukwuemeka Stephen thanked the people for honoring the call and encourage the young ones to wake up from slumber for together greatness will be achieved. In his vote of thanks, Elder Kenneth Ugburu thanked the visitors and urged everyone never to relent. 


Like the ordeal on the road to Ihenago, it took the team about three(3) terrible hours to move into Odenigbo-Iheamufu. 
The team met quite a massive number of people cut across ages from children basking around their mothers to elders, who seated quietly to listen to the good news of restoration of Biafra. Chief Theophilus Nnamani, a royal cabinet member was one of the elders present. As he shared a dream he once had about the return to Biafra land, he also berated the British people that came here and deceived the people of Idoma and Igala to fight against their Igbo brothers. He nevertheless thanked ChukwuAbiama,who has made it possible that the lost unity among the Igbo speaking Biafrans and their brothers is gradually return, and will come to completion as Biafra is restored. 

The coordinator, Mazi Odoh JohnBosco in his vote of thanks opined that Mazi Nnamdi has really done a great thing that so many generations couldn't do, which is to champion this course to restore Biafra. He also thanked the visitors who took the pain to visit their community out of one love and promised that the light of IPOB being ignited in their community can never go out. The Enugwu media director of programmes on BTV, Nze Dike urged the people not to give the enemies the opportunity to penetrate them as the struggle is at its hottest edge. 


The joy of the team meeting with the people of Ogburugwu-Agamede, who were seated at their market square ready to welcome their visitors, seems like a promise divinely accomplished. The people really showed that their spirit is alive to the course. 

On arrival, one of the elders who offered prayers in traditional form(igo ofo),put his supplication to ChukwuAbiama to assist in this course until Biafra is restored. People kept rushing in even as coordinator gave his speech of welcome. 

It was Nze Dike, who took time to explain everything about the struggle to the people. Mazi Chukwuemeka Stephen thanked the people for welcoming the inaugural team to their community. He went on to explain what Biafran had been passing through in nigeria. He finally urged the people to stand up to the challenges and also rally others, are not showing concern on the happenings to join this movement that will change their lives for the best. 

Finally, a youth, Mazi Ejike Daniel while giving the vote of thanks on behalf of his people to the team used their local dialects to drive home the messages.

- Kosisochukwu Ogbodo
  Enugwu Media.
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  1. we are moving on and Biafra will be restored this time.