The term "to restore"or "restoration " means to bring back to its original state.

The world map of 1800 century contains the name 'BIAFRA'. Who are the Biafrans? They are the children of Chiukwu Okike -The creator in Heaven.The Biafrans are found in the eastern region of the geographical space that was called " Nigeria".

Suffice it to say that Biafra is a nation. What is a nation ? Oxford dictionary defines a nation as "people of mainly common descent and history". This definition corresponds with who Biafra is-a people with common decent. It is a clear fact that Biafra was  a people and had perfect structure in place before the invasion of the British into the land of Biafra.

  When the British came in search of greener pasture in Biafra land, they meet  real people-Biafrans, who were living in the land given to them by Chiukwu Okike. Unfortunately, the invasion into this well structured land by the British , who came into the land in search of greener pastures turned out to be thorns on the lives of the Biafran people. At first, this seekers of greener pastures came in the likeness of Godly people ,haven discovered that the Biafran people are Umu Chinaeke-the children of the almighty Creator, they hypocritically showed up as people of the same Almighty Creator, unknown to Biafrans that these foreigners were simply cheats. Their true selves didn't take too long to show up through their hostility to Biafrans.

  In the year 1914,the British amalagamated the northern and sourthern part of the geographical space as one because of their selfish interest ,without caring for the people living in this two worlds. Sadly, that forceful  joining together of the two worlds resulted into several harm -Hatred and killing of the Biafran people which still exist till this day even after the expiration of the amalgamation.
The chaos that  resulted from the unholy union between the North, the yoruba and the people of Chiukwu Okike-The Biafrans from the time of the amalgamation till date is unquantifiable. And from all indications it certainly does not appear it would get better.

  In terms of Common value system , these three nations merged together do not share one common value. In terms of religion for example the northern part(Arewa) are muslims and hold islam and sharia as their religion . In terms of culture and mode of living there is no similarity at all.

  The Yoruba people, are majorly Muslim even though they try to confuse the world by saying that they are christians. Of course it is a known fact that the Yoruba are epicurean in nature,their type of feeding and culture are quite different from the nation of Biafra.

  The Biafrans are republican in nature. Biafra is clearly different from all those she is forced to associate with. In terms of culture, she is different. Talk of mode of living, feeding, tradition and religion she is quite different from the other two. It is worth remembering that a one time British official addressing the parliament in Britain says "OIL AND WATER CANNOT MIXED TOGETHER" . Quite correct, Hausa-Fulani , Yoruba and the Biafrans merging together can not work. The Yoruba people are unsteady in nature. The Hausa-Fulani people are specialist in killing people . They constitute the bulk of BokoHaram and murderous herdsmen. Who are they killing? Of course Biafrans. This is quite absurd. When is this killing of innocent Biafrans going to end! A situation which baffles even the blind, deaf and children yet  unborn. It can only be good for Biafra to be restored.

- Livingrich Ezeikpe and Chukwugoziem Amandikwa
   Abia Media Team
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