Author: Ugochinyere Onyechere 
Editor: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 
Re-tweet: @umuchiukwu_writ 
Date: 31st March 2017

The great tenacity of injustice against Biafrans by the British government is to clamor for Britain exit, while Biafrans are pinned down one Nigeria saga on gun point. Maybe they think they are more important than Biafrans; maybe they think Biafrans are animals; maybe they think Biafrans shouldn’t exercise rights for freedom; I don’t understand these hypocritical beings called British. My medulla oblongata can no longer accommodate the practical views of their behaviors. I feel like exploding! The range of such humiliation is becoming unscrupulous; one could imagine if they are not humans like us. Well, they have every right to treat Africans this way, because we have failed to reason like humans. The British government has been clamoring for the exit in the European Union (EU) since last year. This led to the resignation of the former British prime Mister David Cameron as a result of his disapproval. On the contrary, Biafrans have clamored for freedom for 50 years now, arriving at the golden jubilee. It’s quit unfortunate that none of the Nigerian presidents have resigned for this course.   

Britain deserves not be taken serious because they have played major roles in making the evil contraption they created one even though it was against the will of the people. For decades Biafrans have pleaded to be free; they have instead received in return, evils in greater measures. The British government is the chief mediator piloting the affairs of Nigeria. The British government created the evil contraption with all affirmatives to milk Biafrans dry. They created Nigeria with full assurance that the union is to last for a little time. How many countries of the world were created with the condition to break up soon? Only Nigeria! Even though; Fredric Lugard was much sure that Biafrans are not and can never be compactable with the other tribes that make up Nigeria. In the sense that we are too different from each other, they forcefully merged us with monsters and ingrates. Today, the British government has the Hausas as willing tools; used them against Biafrans. 

The European Union should note that Britain is heartless; they must be made to reap what they sowed. I could understand that the British government is seeking for an exodus because they are not treated well in the European Union; this fate has we Biafrans expressed for more than 5o years. What have we gotten from the British government if not death, arrest and all sorts of evil deviances?  Biafrans can never support the purported exodus of Britain since they have defunct measures in the progress our own quest. We have remained with Nigeria with good extensive heart breaks. The law of Karma is effectively applicable in this case. How can British think of exit while hunger, death, and injustices hover in the contraption they created back in Africa? How can they think of successful exit when their citizen Nnamdi Kanu is going through incarceration in the Nigerian prison because he sought for freedom? Law of Karma must take preeminence!

I am n not surprised when the European Union threatened that the British government must remain with EU till 2022; since they have no remorse to allow Biafrans go. It’s very simple if they are determined; just disintegrate the contraption and free Biafrans. After all, Lugard stated that after hundred years of existence without a good union, break up should take place. In the right sense of humor, the British government wants to continue to eat from where they never sowed. Marginalization of Biafrans is never their obscurity, they don’t possibly give a damn, yet they want to exit from EU. What hypocrisy! The hypocritical nature of Britain is somehow undefined. Notwithstanding the fact that Biafrans have been prey in the hands of Nigeria, they have hardened their heart. Britain should remain with the European Union, hence they are in support of one Nigeria.  

They should abruptly think about (one European Union); of course, they should, because the law of karma must prevail. If only the piloter of Britain exit must be jailed, I would forever be grateful. How would it look like if other members of EU should flood the whole of Britain with their armed military men in a bid to kill anyone that pronounces Britain exit? How would it look if they should the world soldier’s troops into Britain and start shooting everything in sight? How about arresting Queen Elizabeth or Angela may? How about arresting the British citizen's torture and detain them illegally? How about going to court; the judge in question gives an order for them to be released, and the EU flouted it? All these fate, Britain must face. The law of karma must take preeminence. Britain must not leave EU unless Biafrans are freed.

Publisher: Udeagha Obasi 
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