It is still a wonder why some people are still doubting the possibility of restoring the sovereign state of BIAFRA.

Suffice it to say that the struggle of the Indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB) for the restoration of the state of Biafra, is one that believe in the adage "Live and Let live".

The struggle is beyond human doubt, human hatred and questions. Unfortunately , some people be labour themselves , fighting among and within themselves with furry at the mention of Biafra restoration.

However, encounter has shown that some of the people who quarrel with themselves at the mention of the restoration of Biafra, do so out of share ignorance and only need hard core Biafrans , who can rise and defend the course of Biafra to clarify them and roar the grudge out of their ignorant mind.

In the recent time, a young IPOB member had an encounter with a man publicly known as  PASTOR DO GOOD in  Aba. This man was seriously preaching about his personal hatred against Biafra and her supporters.

After a church service one day, the young IPOB member was opportune to approach him to have a talk with him  about particularly, the reason behind his morbid hatred against Biafra and the quest for her restoration .

The discussion revealed that the man, was deceived into thinking that IPOB was on a physical war mission which the man according to him was so scared of, for no other reason other than that he was opposed to a Biafra that would be restored through war. In his own word, " for the fact that IPOB talk about war which every body knows that God is not in support of war so for that reason I will not support the course" .

It is interesting to realize that, by or before the end of the discussion of the duo, that the same man who never liked to hear about the restoration of Biafra, confessed his ignorance of the idea of the whole struggle and said that it was good he has been put right. He also thought it would be wise if other IPOB members would boldly encounter other people who were worse than him and speak strength into them so that they can join the struggle .

It is important to note that there are feat that may not be achieved until somebody arise and defend the course in question.

This issue also ushers in a very important point of clarification especially for those who want to be holier than the most high, and parade the idea that God does not encourage war.

It is laughable to hear that God has nothing to do with war,
- when he is actually called "the mighty man in battle"
-when he actually fight spiritual and physical war,
-When we call God to intervene when we are in a war situation.

It is very clear that we Biafrans understand this very facts and that is why we call upon HIM to intervene both physically  and in spiritually.

More importantly , IPOB is not alone in this struggle. The most High is in control of the struggle especially giving the fact that we live under his shadow being aware that one with God is majority.

It should be considered a clarion call, for all Biafrans to arise in the now and defend the course of the struggle which the IPOB under Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is piloting. The call is urgent. The response is needed in the now.

   Abia Media Team
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