The foolish and bragish statement by Nigeria's Army Chief Buratai concerning the Avengers need to be seriously examined why he made that childish and unprofessional remarks.  It should also be noticed that his statement is insightful and constitutes a hateful speech that is detrimental to the peace and tranquility in Biafra.  Baring the constant pleadings from Delta Chiefs to the Avengers to give peace a chance, they would have continued to do their thing, but the Avengers listened and to our greatest surprise, here is Buratai bragging about Federal military might.  Why did the DSS not arrest you for making such inflammatory statement?

To  Delta Chiefs, there is clear fact here that all the amoured  and military equipments dumped in the area is for one purpose and nothing else but to unleash destructive attacks on the Delta population, occupying it as a conquered territory due to imminent separation of Biafra from Nigeria.  We are not going to fall to that senseless strategy.  You Buratai is responsible for the thousands of defenceless and unarmed civilians, mothers and children killed and women raped.  What do you have to show when you talk about military professionalism  of the Nigerian military other than to kill civilians and lie.
Your motives are clear and Biafra is an entity so  be rest assured that you will fail again.

The North East is trouble area where your agents in the name of Boko Haram are located and operate there and then the question we will like to know  is - why upon your so-called military might Boko Haram is still operating freely?  You are in your third year fighting armed Boko Haram without any success.  This is the barometer by which we determine your strength and professionalism.  Right now you have all the armaments in your possession, you know very well that the outcome is going to different when we decide to carry arms  to defend ourselves and this will be at our own choosing.

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