The world is not a perfect place for many living thing because species fight for survival and the weakest are the ones bound to be extinct.  This world has drastically changed so much that  you can seldom trust your fellow human beings because they have chosen something different over their own survival. Wealth is good, but it depends on how you accumulated it and at whose expense.

The struggle for the restoration of Biafra is a case in point.  We the people of Biafra under the leadership of  Nnamdi Kanu and the IPOB organization have undertaken the task to make this a reality; we do understand the costs both materially and financially and therefore even with the detention of our leader NNAMDI KANU, we have progressed without fear.  The world is listening and we are still sending messages so that the whole world will know what we have been going through under the hands of those who are proclaiming for indivisible one Nigeria on the one hand and then mercilessly butchering the same people with the other hand.

We have enemies amongst us.  Any Biafran who due to the fact that he illegally acquired wealth and puts his wealth  first before the progress and safety of the  Biafrans is your enemy

B.  Any ex-politician  running for whatever post in Nigeria and who failed to fight for his freedom but rather WANTS MEANINIGLESS POLITICAL STATUS IN A DEAD COUNTRY  is your enemy because he has no morals or sense of direction.  He is selfish and therefore your enemy.

C.  Any country that is aligned with your oppressor to subdue and suffocate you mentally and economically is your enemy

D.  Any body who claims to be a Biafran and dines with your enemy, tells the enemy your in and out is your enemy.

E.  Any body who works rigorously to see that you fail in your struggle  toward achieving. Biafra is your enemy.

F.  When you take money or promised position to work against your family, you deserve to hang or extinguish your life because you are not worth anything.  We have no respect for you.  You are the enemy amongst us.

So many Biafran lives have been lost in this Nigeria more than any other race and continues to be lost daily.  Can any of these old political dreamers can even be alive if we BIAFRANS are the ones doing the killings?  IT DEFIES  LOGIC HOW  A COWARD WHO CAN NOT SPEAK OUT AND DEFEND HIS OWN  PEOPLE WILL TURN AROUND AND ASK YOU TO FORGET YOUR STRUGGLE AND FOLLOW HIM AND DINE WITH THE ENEMY AND THEN PERISH WITH HIM.  IT IS THE PHILOSOPHY OF EAT NOW AND PAY WITH YOUR LIFE LATER.

Unity is strength and just as the Northerners and their Governors have united to completely enslave and wipe us out of existence, so have we BIAFRANS united to make sure we survive. We will not forget those people that have made this struggle very rocky due to their selfish and short sightedness, we have given them a lot chances to do the right thing but time is not on their side anymore.  You can not be on the fence and BIAFRA is our home with or without you.  WE SHALL OVERCOME AND BE VICTORIOUS WITH THE HELP OF CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA "PRESS ON BOYS"
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