Nigeria is a very sick country to the bones.  How can government, government officials and entrusted leaders be delinquent when it comes to credibility?

The core problems  in Nigeria is lies and and deceit.  The basic reason is to cheat.

Lia Mohammed is telling the Biafrans indirectly that whatever crimes they are committing on us is not of their own making and initiative in the name of one Nigeria.  They have lied so much and believe in their own lies when there is glaring evidence to the contrary that they have been exposed.  They (most Northern Elites/Government Officials) have no brains  as to when to put an end to the lies. Lia  Mohammed you lie even with the videos and live reports proving you wrong.

Lia Mohammed:  Muslims are not engaged in religious war?  Really,  Please explain to the world the burning of churches in the North what that means.  The congregations that were killed along in  the infernos.  The beheading of Bridget on trumped up charges of blasphemy.  Where were you and what did you say?

El Rufais rants against Christians and their churches.  What were your response to his anti christian stands?  Is he not a Northern Governor carrying out Northern Agenda?  Is that Northern Agenda not to wipe out the Christians and their churches?   This action will pave way to sharia laws which you introduced in the house and was opposed and defeated.  Was this not a religious war in the making?  The introduction of islam in public schools with little or no regards to the feelings of the rest of the non-muslims.  What do you call this?  Not religious war?

The attacks on Christian Ministers who have been calling for peace and non retaliation to wanton killings of christians because  they have now voiced their dissatisfaction to these gross killings.  Probably you assumed their call for peace and co-existence as a sign of weakness; now these Christian ministers have called for vigilance and self defense, what is your response?  Send in the DSS. Did you send for DSS when these Christians were massacred in the Northern cities?  Even Bridget's killers were set free.  What an insult and disrespect to a non-muslim that have lived in the north for over 35 years you can regard as one of your own, but for the fact that she is not a muslim, she was beheaded in cold blood.  Her head paraded in the streets.  WHAT A SHAME TO YOU AND YOUR LIKE LIA THE LIAR.

You further lied about the health of President Buhari, how can people in their right mind lie to the whole population of the country and the world?  The truth is not there because, you Northern Governors know what is at stake and will rather not tell the truth which at last will be known.  CREDIBILITY?  NOT AT ALL BUT FANTASTICAL LIARS.

Your input on one Nigeria based on the military composition is completely baseless because you failed to disclose the ratio of the compositions as well as that of the Officers.  You failed to disclose the location of the cantonments you failed to disclose the composition of the ministerial officials as to indicate any sign of other ethnicity other than the North and they Yorubas just as you have them killing the Biafrans in their own homeland.  

Lair, Lai Mohammed please show any indication of credibility in you, it is a challenge and if you are willing, respond to these charges.  I will not be disappointed if you continue to lie about  what the international community know except those being covered by your handlers, the British and their propaganda tools which are becoming less reliable because they are not credible as well.

LIES, WHICH HAVE BEEN THE SIN OF NORTHERN GREAT GRAND FATHERS, HAVE VISITED THEIR GRAND FATHERS, FATHERS AND NOW THEIR CHILDREN. THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE BORN TO RULE  AND LIE TO KEEP THIS GOING.  WHEN WILL IT STOP?  It is passed on from generation to generation, this is why the Arewa Northern Youths are comfortable with the lies of Lia Mohammed and have never  chastised or condemned his lies because they are all in it together.  

You will therefore be doomed if you are a Biafran and foolishly have mouth to talk of one Nigeria.  How can you believe somebody who claims to welcome you in any capacity and  turn around to  burn you alive, cut off your head, rape and take over your land?
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  1. I am not in the least surprised, how can you have Lai as information minister. He sure will be rolling out lies.