•      Author:      Prince Richmond C. Amadi

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•     Date:          10th February 2017


…  everyone can attest the success Biafra Restoration has stretched under the command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

… Primarily, Buhari and his Northern elites have been on intensive occultic chamber as cabals, executing the total war on Jonathan

…  Nigerians don't know the actual path to take in order to undo the tsunami doom Buhari and his cousins has subjected everyone.

Unarguably, what is permanently-constant actually remains change and it takes no amount of philosophy or disguised fallacy to paint or engineer its rooted stand. When average Nigerian takes a step forward towards any activity of governance, If closely checked one will realize either long or short term inaccessible interest that may naturally surface for the interest of other divides. Arguably, So many persons has questioned the logic behind the silence of Biafra restoration during the regime of ex-president, Mr. (Dr.) Ebele Azikiwe Goodluck Jonathan and I answered simply that it was taking unfolding process right from the background as Uwazuruike and his cohorts used MASSOB to shed the success.

Noticeably, everyone can attest the success Biafra Restoration has stretched under the command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu with his great platform known as the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Possibly, maybe Kanu wouldn't have made it this far If actually this present government entrance/objective to power were genuine. Though, right from the foundation of Nigeria, there has been this instituted cabals that foresee, recommend, direct, decide and oversee every activity of the government against the wish of the people that believe to be practicing democracy.

The aforesaid cabals seem to have taken different shape since this present regime of Mohammedu Buhari and his political party (All Progressive Congress, APC). Both in colour and shape, the cabals remains with the unity of command, tribal force, dialect, and unionism as its indicating principles. Unconsciously, the cabals unagreeably inject into them a different colour, a dialect which may cause inalienable disaster in their fraternity.

Chibuike Amaechi, Rochas Okorocha, Ogbonnaya Onu, Lei Mohammed, Fashola, Chief Asiwaji Tinibu and others have been noted differently but appear relevant because of their unequivocal investment financially made during their days of honeymoon from their state coffers.

Primarily, Buhari and his Northern elites have been on intensive occultic chamber as cabals, executing the total war on Jonathan and his administration in order to take power come 2015. Book haram was perfect with severe attacks both with suicidal and assassination, bombing and kidnapping. Fulani herdsmen were accurate enough in their own missions. Several farm lands were destroyed and farmers blood, heads and lives were taken at will. Media thugs were well gadgeted with finance and latest computable in order to effectively destroy and reset mindset of average human being in the world, especially eligible voters. Some elites from the team were dispatched to different office pretending to be working with GEJ.

The invited commoners (lost Biafrans) answered their deceitful calls. They started by siphoning their individual state coffers to project a 'mega party' which Asiwaji Tinibu was intellectually behind its clone from different names (CPC, ACN & ANPP). Ameachi neglected his kinsmen, ongoing projects and unemployed youths crying for hope, gave approximately #100 billion, Fashola despised his people, #133 million each borehole project, and gave in his own #200 billion. Generously, both were rewarded awesomely according to their individual investment. Even when Buhari were set to employ enviable hands (technocrats) Amaechi, Fashola, Ogbonnaya Onu, Chris Nguyen and others were surprisingly confirmed as aforesaid technocrats thou heaven did not fall.

As past experienced leaders and technocrats, Nigerians were expecting miracles against GEJ deceitful government who always amass at least 4.1 trillion on his yearly physical budgets over their daily clamored change mantra. Happily, a well-itemized list of expectations in form of portfolio was unmasked to the general public. Unfortunately, what shocks average unborn baby was the lopsided appointments made by Buhari to the various sensitive office that pilots failure and progress of every economy. Both National Assembly, Force, Justice gate, Ministries, etc were filled with the real cabals who know little nor nothing about governance talk of empowering great economy like Nigeria.

Greeting everyone, 'I belong to everybody and I belong to Nobody' motto of the acclaimed president, Buhari were indirectly used to refer to Biafrans (Eastern Region), unknown to Amaechi and Co, Nigerians that philosophy was up-front of cabals. Barely, two years is over for this administration, So many tragedies have happened and Nigerians don't know the actual path to take in order to undo the tsunami doom Buhari and his cousins has subjected everyone. As If Biafrans know ahead of time through their Prophet Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that Nigeria was falling, they took to the street all over the world just to restore their nation Biafra.

Surprisingly, the investments made is at risk since Buhari failing to borrow money as agreed so that ministers of transportation, technology, Power, Energy, Housing can see money to extend their projects thereby making possible for the investors to replenish their banks. No wonder Amaechi has been accusing National Assembly of responsible If their government fail (thou, NASS kicked).

Consequently, the cabals have lost their direction as their ship is sinking since the pilot has gone missing or gone deaf. Femi Adesina doesn't have direct Buhari contact anymore but that of cabals. Buhari sister preached for all to pray for Buhari but Lei Mohammed claimed Buhari is not in any London hospital, despite Letter to NASS for extension of stay in London in order to cover his all round check-ups. Now, If both Garaba Shehu and Femi Adesina have different information about Buhari, who will have it? Is simple, the cabals have the numbers. They know Buhari's way about. They are forcing Osinbajo to resign so that they will remain in power. In all, Nigerians are not considered but their investments to be restored is their utmost concern.

The fact remains glued. Biafrans are not concerned in any way because they are blessed naturally to live and withstand any circumstance. According to Mazi Kanu's wife, the husband's desire towards Biafra is scary because any member of Kane's family that stands in the way of Biafra restoration will be crushed. Understandably, average Biafrans are indoctrinated by the same spirit and not ready to get troubled when Kanu will be released but the early and quicker Kanu is released better for Nigeria to recover from their downfall. The Holocaust holding Buhari emanated from Kanu's detention.

Publisher:  Udeagha  Obasi

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