■ Author: Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
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■ January 21, 2017
Uwazurike is the greatest saboteur who has been using BIAFRA struggle is to enrich himself, Uwazurike is the founder of MASSOB in the year 1991, due to his misconduct and sabotage towards the restoration of BIAFRA his MASSOB group expelled him.
UWAZURIKE went ahead to create another group called BIAFRA INDEPENDENT MOVEMENT (BIM) in 2015, On December 15 MASSOB led by Uchenna Madu vowed to expose all the ‘sins’ committed by Uwazuruike,
According to Ibem, Madu has never collected any money from the federal government. He explained that Uwazuruike and Madu both spent two years in DSS detention, Suleja and Keffi prisons from 2005 to 2007. Uwazuruike was released while Madu spent another two years before his release.

“ As the closest officer to Uwazuruike and image maker, He has vowed to expose all Uwazuruike’s dealings with Nigeria Govt under Jonathan, Ezu River case, The death of Chief Innocent Ogbuehi (former Umuahia MASSOB leader) and other MASSOB members, Immoralities with Married / female students of Owerri and other atrocities committed by this great saboteur call uwazurike.One should be asking these question, how come uwazuruike was sacked by this group he founded? Why is it no one talk good of him? The leader of the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, was once Uwazurike humble servant until he discovered that uwazurike was using Biafra struggle to extort money from BIAFRANS to build his estates and hotels, Nnamdi Kanu vehemently rejected the heinous act and confronted him on evil intentions towards histhereBiafran people. Uwazurike became so annoyed and despondent against mazi Nnamdi for confronting him on his evil didst, letter Nnamdi Kanu was kidnapped and molested by Uwazurike and his tugs, Nnamdi Kanu spent months their, Uwazurike was so curious to silence Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in order not to expose Uwazurike's heinous act , he ordered his thugs to captured Nnamdi Kanu's unclean pictures threatening to expose those pictures if Nnamdi Kanu expose him, Nnamdi Kanu was released letter . In one of the interviews granted to Nnamdi Kanu's father HRM Eze Israel Okwu Kanu, the traditional ruler of Isiama Afara, he stated how Uwazuruike harassed Nnamdi Kanu, in his words he said "When Nnamdi came home to get married, Uwazuruike stormed the venue of the traditional wedding with his people to disrupt the wedding. Uwazuruike and his group came in 10 buses to cause disturbances at the venue. I was at home waiting for them to bring the new bride to me, as Igbo tradition demands, when I got information that Uwazuruike brought his men to cause trouble there.

It got to the point that the youths from my son ’ s wife ’ s community rallied together to confront Uwazuruike ’ s boys, captured about 20 of them and took them to the police. But Nnamdi was beaten up seriously, and he sustained injuries. When he returned home, I took him to the hospital for treatment. After he had recovered, he swore to go ahead with the struggle for Biafra, but without Uwazuruike. He said the struggle could be successfully undertaken in a different way, without it being used as a means for self -enrichment, as was done by Uwazuruike. After all these atrocities committed by Uwazuruike he still wants to testify against the leader of the indigenous of Biafra mazi Nnamdi Kanu in secrecy, it high time Biafrans disregards this great saboteur called Uwazuruike, we want to reiterate and reaffirm that only his death can make will Biafrans animosities towards.

Editing Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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