■ Author: Prince Richmond C. Amadi
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■ January 23, 2017

Respect to a recent publication on your online media platform www.telegraph.co.uk (trademark as Telegraph Media Group) with the topic " The man fighting for the independence of the tiny West African nation of Biafra. From a council flat in Peckham, I must appreciate your courage for putting your thoughts to limelight towards Biafra and its nation restoration but is regrettable that some points need to be matched with right words to complement scope of Biafra quest.

Actually, I'm not standing to educate you regarding few missing points captured all through your article contents, but to direct your media team on developed scope connoting Biafra restoration under Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu (the then leader of Biafra 1967 - 1970 and War Lord between Civil of Biafra &Nigeria) and Biafra restoration under Dr. Nnamdi Kanu (the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and Director of Radio Biafra London). I stand not to challenge your intellectual ability ones again but to put clarity on few raised points.

Through your well-articulated article published today, 21st January 2017 with an excellent topic " The man fighting for the independence of the tiny West African nation of Biafra... from a council flat in Peckham", I pointed out those considered inappropriate words (both in connotation and denotation) below. Notably, it does not make other unlisted points valid, maybe because ethics, some will be addressed here:

1. Radio Biafra London is listened to in 100 Countries around the world
2. Radio Biafra London looks like Pirate Radio
3. Dr Nnamdi Kanu is a DJ in Chief
4. It is impossible finding Biafra on the Map.
5. Biafra quest is comprised with Christian Igbo
6. Dr Nnamdi Kanu a Peckham Prophet

Enlisted above are some of the bothering statements made in your over two pages article and created discomfort which deserves direction. All the points above are false and stands afar the reverse which is the truth.

To correct that impression, Radio Biafra London is not reduced to be listened to only by 100 countries around but across seven continents of the World and all over the globe. And Biafrans are duly recognised and registered in over 80 countries. Radio Biafra is not like a pirate station because it is duly registered and incorporated in London.

Dr Nnamdi Kanu is not DJ in Chief as being referred but the Director of Radio Biafra coordinating the restoration of Biafra Nation and Leader of The Indigenous People of Biafra. And again, Dr Nnamdi Kanu is Prophet of Peckham but the Prophet of Biafra. We enjoy his Biafrans has recorded countless prophecies that have been accomplished to reality. His persecution today under Mr Mohammedu Buhari were earlier revealed and is were with the restoration of Biafra attached.Your insinuation that Biafra Nation can not be possibly found in any Map is a pure fallacy. Visit this site and check out Biafra amongst other countries: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biafra. And Biafra is no longer quest (Ibo) Igbo alone as recorded under former leader, Chukwuemeka O. Ojikwu but encompasses Ibo tribe. The list of stated below comprises areas that make up Biafra:

1. Abia State
2. Akwa Ibom State
3. Anambra State
4. Bayelsa State
5. Cross River State
6. Delta State
7. Ebonyi State
8. Enugu State
9. Imo State
10. Rivers states
11. Igbanke in Edo State
12. Igala in Kogi State
13. Idoma in Benue State.

In summary, it is not so difficult to read up one or two pages of history books to educate yourself. Those who carried out the military coup of January 15, 1966 comprised officers from different ethnic groups, and their mission was simple: to get rid of "corrupt" politicians and install Awolowo as PM. It took Igbo colouration because those sent to the East failed while Nzeogwu succeeded in Kaduna where he grew up.

By the way, Nzeogwu is a Deltan, and I am sure those of you who subscribe to the modern day warped history will say his not "real" Igbo when it fits your narrative. Bear also in mind that it was Ojukwu who stopped Nzeogwu in Kaduna. A fact most of you choose to ignore. These are not difficult to read up; there is a particular Yoruba man who took part in the coup and has written a book in that regard, the title is "Why We Struck." Yet it is the pogrom that followed that compelled the Igbo to opt out of Nigeria, a fact that has now turned into, they wanted oil.

May I know who eventually wanted the oil? Again, about your reference to PH, be rest assured that it is historically an Igbo city known originally as Igwuocha until the colonialists changed it to Port Harcourt in honour of a certain Henry Harcourt who was then Secretary of colonies. You can do your research. That fact will never change. But even so, who cares? The Igbo are just ready to go... But before you mislead people with your ignorance and subtle hate, try a little to read.

Mind you, the British Labour Party at the time fought against Biafra and still do so, read BBC's coverage of recent events, because the South asked them to go and they partly feared that an independent Biafra will not allow them to explore oil as they please. Read why Balewa was also installed by the British as PM as opposed to Awolowo or Nnamdi Azikiwe, who were obviously more educated. The British had to do so because the South wanted independent. Population figures was also manipulated to suit the North in this regard. This scheming continues till this day while some of you ignorantly scout for the enemy in the Igbo.

Editing Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers
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  1. Thank you for a job Weldon. May God bless you and may Biafra come soon. Amen