■ Author: Ojani Chimezie Chigozie
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ 
■ January 22, 2017

The Nigerian Government and her Armed Forces on 20th of January crossed the line, bullets rained on unarmed peaceful Biafrans rallying on the streets of Igweocha(Port Harcourt) in solidarity with Donald J. Trump’s Inauguration as the 45th American President, 11 Biafrans lost their God given lives for a crime of Being a Biafran and supporting Donald J. Trump.
While these was happening, a group in Nigeria and some other Nigerians demonstrated their displeasure through a protest in Lagos, Nigeria against the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump, not even a case of a single bullet or tear gas was seen or recorded. It’s obvious that the Nigerian Armed Forces are on a mission of exterminating Biafrans because they are none Muslim.
The Nigerian Armed Forces in a quest of hiding the truth from the world, Biafran journalist were brutally maimed, their electronics gadgets were forcefully snatched from them, scores were wounded while others were killed. Biafrans were arrested in their hundreds and taken to an unknown location, The Nigerian Armed Forces have refused to give a detailed report on the whereabouts of the illegal arrested Biafrans.
Biafran dead bodies killed by the Nigerian Armed Forces were taken away, and the bodies deposited in the morgues were also forcefully removed to enable them to hide their atrocities and crime against humanity. Those wounded weren't spared either as they were taken away, even those hospitalised in critical condition were kidnapped from the hospitals by the Nigerian Armed Forces and taken to a location still unknown all in quest of hiding the truth and keeping a failed Nigerian state as One.
We believe there are still men of conscience and good will. If Nigerians came out to protest in dishonour of Trump without any casualty from the Nigerian securities, while Biafrans were killed and arrested, it means we are no longer safe. This should be a judgement to the entire world. The world has snubbed this away as usual, but this time, we are fully out, we reject in totality, the illegal killings of innocent Biafrans standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with President Donald j. Trump.

Editor Ugochinyere Onyechere For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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