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One prevalent adage goes thus: there is no smoke without fire. And equally there is no way rain will fall without the ground notification.

20th January, 2017 was a mapped out historical day for Biafrans all over the globe to join hands with the Biafrans at Igweocha in River State, Biafra land to honour, celebrate and show solidarity with President Donald Trump inauguration.

However, with great humility and sincerity IPOB alerted the security agencies through the office of the River State Police command Headquarters, Moscow Road, Port Harcourt, River State. Through the Department of  Commissioner of Police, Mr. Foluso Adebanjo and the Department of State Security Service (DSS) on 18th January 2017, for that eventful day. For their awareness to join us celebrate and match for Peace, justice, equity and love in order to demonstrate our penchant for peace and justice and to welcome civil and pragmatic democracy anywhere we find it.

Equally permit me to bring to your notice that this invitation letter was equally copied to the following parastatals and institutions: Inspector General of Police (IG),  Amnesty International, European Union, ECOWAS, British Embassy, Inter-Society, Traditional Rulers, National Judiciary Council, National Union of Journalist and National Students Union Government, through IPOB spokespersons. For a popular adage says: it's good to give honour to whom it is due.

But just like another strong adage says, that a snake seen by one person may resemble Python to him or her. Base on this adage IPOB spokespersons decided to enlarge their tentacles of letter of invitations, because we know that Nigerian government via her police and military are specialized crime 'committers'  and ardent liars , just as it has resulted.

Nevertheless, on the eve of IPOB's solidarity march being 20/01/2017, millions  of IPOBS across the whole Biafra land gathered at Igweocha currently known as Port Harcourt . And equally kicked off her program as proposed with their usual peaceful nature and some police and military men were equally dancing with them. All of a sudden many military cum police van arrived at the scene with their guns  alerted their fellows about their new order from Buhari as they withdrew from the crowd. That they should clampdown and shoot aside any celebrations in solidarity with Trump inauguration. Immediately the terrain changed, they started harassing IPOB's journalists collecting their electronic materials like phones, iPads, cameras etc. Joint with beatings and inflicting of lots of injuries; and finally positioned and started shooting sporadically which brought about heavy causulties. Eleven (11) IPOB members died at the spot while some died in the hospital amounting to more than 20 persons.

It didn't end there, the military equally went about going to hospitals picking both the dead and the injured persons to unknown destinations and equally kidnapping lots of IPOB members that even till now uncountable IPOB members' whereabouts are unknown. And this heinous act was done to cover up their crimes. But some IPOB members, under pressures, were able to capture some of the dead and the injured posting them online as a clear evidence for the whole world to see.

But not withstanding the undiluted evidences flying around the internet, a deputy commissioner of police by name Mr. Ahmed Magaji on 22/01/2017 through Punch news paper has displayed their usual preposterous and incongruous attitudes statement, that IPOB's rally was illegal because they didn't obtain permit and police and military did not kill anybody.. Just the same way they lied through their teeth after massacre of IPOB members at their praying ground at Aba Abia state, even with Amnesty International reports that Nigeria military killed at least 150 IPOB members.

In same vein, another group of people called Nigeria Civil Society group, staged resistance protest against Donald Trump as he got inaugurated on the same 20/01/2017. They even visited USA Embassy in Ikoyi Lagos to show their displeasure against Trump. Nigeria army and police were not ordered by Buhari to, harass, beat or  shoot them . Equally we got information that there were  Muslim anti-Trumps in USA demonstrating on same day, destroying cars, houses etc but they weren't shot at nor harmed.

But it is very dismaying that BIAFRANS down here rallying in favor of Trump with ahead invitation of their rally were shot into pieces at the order of Buhari.

Moreover, the sorrows of Buhari on the millions of naira failed sponsorship of Hilary Clinton's election against Trump coupled with the fact that he was equally snubbed by Trump by as he was not invited over for Trump's inauguration rather IPOB, is a clear reflect on the 20th January 2017 crime murdering actions perpetrated against BIAFRANS. And these qualified the first two aforementioned adages which say that, 'there is no way rain will fall and the ground will not notice'; and 'no smoke without fire too'. It is a clear indication of challenge of Buhari against Donald Trump.

In addition, we are still asking the whole world, are BIAFRANS no longer considered humans again? Are we not entitled to  existence of life again? Has self determination become a universal crime as it reaches IPOB's turn instead of fundamental law rights? Why are BIAFRANS being hated too much with passions like this? What crime have we committed to be left at the mercy of Buhari and his kinsmen to be slaughtering like Christmas goats and chickens at any  slightest chance? This is great inhumanity to man and rape of justice and peace.

We are alerting the whole world, world leaders, UN ,  Israel, Germany, Turkey, Japan etc to stand up and condemn this heinous crime against humanity. Compel the Nigerian government to release Nnamdi Kanu and call for Biafra referendum, for we have paid more than enough with our bloods since 1967 till date and have show-cased a high hierarchy of peacefully cultured protests and demonstrations. We have equally put it straight to you the real truth as it is, knowing fully well that  Nigerian envelope media will still come up with their usual lies, for they are liars-personified entities.

Until Buhari and all his cohorts causing mass pogroms since 1967 till date are behind bars, JUSTICE, EQUITY AND PEACE are still being raped against humanity and posterity, and a great threat to world peace for TRUTH HAS NO SUBSTITUTE.

By Onyekachi M Ogbonnia.

Edited by Ogu Edozie Williams

Published by Mazi Collins

For IPOB writers

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