■ Author: Ugochinyere Onyechere

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■ January 24, 2017
The rate of injustice against Biafrans is maliciously incredible. The simple truth remains that Biafrans are greater than their enemies. You will agree with me that the humiliations we’ve been through are unexplainable. We are bondmen in our own lands. Biafrans are prey in the hands of the Nigerian government. We do not have the same right with an average Oduduan nor Arewan man. We are totally seen as great enemies, and this is because we possess what the entire world possess not. We are being envied, as though we are the most special species on the surface of the earth.
I am this realistic because I know who and what we are. These and more keeps me thinking, on what could have prompted this great hatred against Biafrans. The truth is not far-fetched. Going into an analysis, the world knows much even then we are aware. Observing the great efficiency of an average Biafran man, the difference is clear.
I wasn’t comfortable about the incident that took place on the 20th day of January 2017, as regards to the 21 million man march hosted by the Indigenous people Of Biafra at Igweocha presently known as Port-Harcourt in Biafra-Land; and the anti-Trump protest hosted at Lagos, the dirtiest place in the contraption called Nigeria. In my findings, I solely believed that the term “ONE NIGERIA”, is the greatest scam.
Bringing it to the whole world, i.e., those who still have conscience, the details of the both protest and rally. Days before 20th, the public were given the notice to regard and attend a rally being hosted by the Indigenous people of Biafra, (IPOB) and was signed by the spokespersons and the deputy leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Barrister Emma Nmezu, COC Clifford Iroanya and Deputy leader Uche Mefor. The invitation was to inform the whole world, especially the Nigerian security agency, about our rally, in solidarity to President Donald J Trump who was being inaugurated on the same date, as the 45th President of the United States Of America.
To the best of my knowledge, such invitation wasn’t issued by those who protested against Trump in the cities of Lagos Nigeria. Funny enough, Biafrans were attacked by the Nigerian joint force securities, leaving 11 people dead, more than 5o injured, hundreds arrested and taken to an unknown destination. To the best of my knowledge, it was written nor found nowhere in the social media that there were casualties before the anti-Trump protesters.
Biafrans travelled from their various hometowns to honour the rally, they were peaceful as usual, but they were treated like criminals and terrorists. The Nigerian security agencies open fire on us, raining live bullets, irrespective of the fact that we were peacefully jubilating. Notwithstanding, we weren’t violent, we were only displaying our joy and happiness towards the president of America, whom with God’s intervention, won the presidency election notwithstanding the pressures and troubles that erupted from all angles.

From all indications, Biafrans became victims only because they celebrated our victory. It is our victory because President Donald J Trump has given us high hopes, to believe that Biafra will be independently free under his watch. It is our victory, because we fought tirelessly for it, all through his campaign even at the time of the election exercise. Biafrans indulged in so many media outfits, to gain the world’s attention on his behalf. Now tell me, what’s wrong with celebrating a victory after many battles?
The Nigerian security agencies were deployed heavily armed into Igweocha, and they accomplished their mission, by killing us once again. Where I became more curious and angry about it all that none of the anti-Trump supporters was killed nor tear gassed. Is this not the highest injustice? They weren’t given any form of attention, all because they are against Trump. No cause for alarm, the Nigerian government is not in good fate with the American president.
Furthermore, protest policeman in almost 10 countries of the world, mainly Islamic countries that are afraid of the gallant warrior of America and a God’s sent. World news have it reported, I personally watched some of the videos. Accurately, there were conflicts, violence, including the burning of cars, and other casualties. There were nowhere in the news where it was recorded that a police man shot at them
In Washington DC, there were anti-Trump protests, even if he was the first citizen, he never ordered the killing of any of the protesters. This is why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu called Nigeria a zoo. He made no mistake, because they are more than animals. How can you open fire on peaceful Protesters who have been peaceful, while you can’t defend the country against terrorism? Indeed, some countries are security abusers, in which the contraption called Nigeria is a case study.
If only there are men who still have a conscience, I will believe that these genocides, will be brought to book, as soon as possible. The world media have been bought over, that’s why they hardly publish news relating to Biafrans. This has been the fates of Biafrans. Compare and contrast, let the truth be told; where is (ONE-NIGERIA) while we were being killed? You want people who confessed to being fed up being with you, yet the best way seem so right to appease them is by triggers.
If I must say, Nigeria is worst than a zoo. They behave not different from an animal. We are asking the world power to give the dead the justice they deserve. They should release those arrested because they had done nothing. In the absence of these, they should come to the court and tell us what offence they committed. The world should take note; Biafrans have been peaceful in their course to restore the sovereign state of Biafra, and no force can deter us.

Editing Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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  1. Isn't that something? That Buhari would spare anti Trump protesters in Lagos who are Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba, but went a head to order the killings of pro Trump unarmed, non-violence peaceful rally who are Biafrans? This boko haram terrorist Hausa-Fulani jihadist man call Buhari should be arrested for crimes against humanity. Buhari thinks that Biafran bloods are his to waste as it pleases him. No! it is un acceptable. Buhari is not a president rather Buhari is a murderer. He should be held accountable for the killings!!!