■ Author: Ugochinyere Onyechere
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ 
■ January 24, 2017
My heart bleeds at the essence of the cowardice behaviour of those that called themselves governors residing in Biafra land. The worst of it all is their inability to recognise their stupidity and foolishness. These are the group of people that claims to be protecting their people. They sit tight, their hands between their legs while watching their own citizens dying cold-bloodedly in the hands of terrorists. They defile the oath they took while emerging into office; unknown to them, they stab their own people thinking they are wise.
I have read much about the history of the contraption called Nigeria, and I have never come across anywhere in history where Arewan politicians show such attitude to their people. They are always there to protect their own, no matter the consequences. They go extra miles to make sure they give their people the necessary protection they deserve. If not, why do you think the deadly group called Boko-Haram is still existing irrespective of their heinous crimes?
It’s important to know that the Northern elites know about the secret behind the Southern Kaduna killings. They have all it takes to persecute the perpetrators, but how many have they prosecuted? They knew about the operations of the Fulani herdsmen, but how many of them have they persecuted? Recall that the Fulani Herdsmen have been responsible for the killings of uncountable numbers of Biafrans. They come into our land, only to execute us in mass numbering. The Northern governors will instead, shield them, while those who are supposed to shield us are found either crying or going about for contracts in exchange. This is the most useless group of people. All they know best to do is to gallivant up and down, with the public funds. They are all Muslim caliphates, only pretending to be with their people. These criminals have Biafrans killed, whether they like it or not, they must be held responsible for the killing of Biafrans.
These monsters connived with the president of the contraption to kill peaceful protesters. They killed those they sworn to protect; in their wildest dream would they go free. They must face judgement. The Southern governors are the mainstream leading to the death of our people. They must be visited according to their iniquities. A dog that eats they meat kept under its security deserves not to live. The Southern governors have eaten the meat kept under their protection.
I am ashamed of their activities in conjunction with their greedy aspiration. They sold us to our enemies, only because they want to benefit the whole earth. They have no insight, they would have foreseen their inevitable death fast approaching. If I am opportune, I would have gotten rid of them all. Why should they keep quiet while my people are being slaughtered in their own land? The greatest shame is allowing strangers into your land, and get killed by them at last.
Maybe because their family members are not yet victims, perhaps they are hunger for wealth, perhaps for their thirst for power, perhaps because we have not thought them the lessons of their lives, perhaps they are calling us fools, enriching themselves in our own misery; but one thing is sure, days of reckoning is fast approaching. Every one of them will either revive those that were killed under their guise, or their generation will be held responsible. A father that fails to protect his children is not to be a father. The Southern governors do not worth any atom of respect.
11 Biafrans were killed, in the city of Igweocha days back, many injured, others arrested only because they were celebrating the victory of Donald J Trump. Guess what; the governor of this state has said nothing in condemnation of the illegal killing of our people, neither have he apologised for talk less of compensating the bereaved families. While all these go on, murderers in the North are paid to stop them from killing.
This is the worst insane country. Animals ruling human beings. You compensate Fulani murderers, while you get yourself heavily armed to kill peaceful protesters. I can’t believe this! I can assure you that Nigeria is very ill. Something serious is wrong with this contraption. I blame these morons that called themselves chief security of the state. Why haven’t these cowards said anything nor queried the killers of their people? They, must answer these questions.
Many advocates, activists, from far have condemned the atrocious manner at which our people were gruesomely killed, whereas none from the South have said nothing. What is really wrong? Are they afraid of its consequences? Well, I know that Muhammadu Buhari is the brain behind this. Indeed, he will chop off your good for nothing head, and separate your skull from your neck. Muhammadu Buhari will definitely open your corrupt chapters. These are the reasons they have refused to utter a single word as regards to the killings.
If I must remind them, they are still in Biafra land. They should be aware that Muhammadu Buhari will not save them when is payback time. Their entire generations will suffer the fate. It will be terrible because we shall take an eye for an eye, mouth for the mouth, head for head. There will be no mercy for anyone of them. Since they have refused to act in securing their people, they shall be made to face the consequences.
They have declined to emulate the fearless spirit of Governor Ayodele Fayose, the Ekiti State governor, who have become the greatest nightmare to Muhammadu Buhari. They have chosen to stab their people; it’s so annoying. These zombies shouldn’t be given a second chance because they have wasted lots of talents in Biafra Land. Biafrans should start visiting them, to teach them the greatest lessons they deserve. Until we start visiting them, they won’t stop killing our people.

Editing Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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