We the people of Biafra have been into a struggle for survival and marginalization for over a hundred years and it seems that we are now having a head way but not without internal and external bumps; these are expected and we cross each obstacle as it shows.  Such obstacles are people like Thief Lebeanya (MASSOB) Uwazuruike.  He founded  MASSOB for what reason one might ask?  He claimed that it was for the actualization of Biafra.  He is their leader.  But for now let us take a look at another formidable leader of the INDEPENDENT PEOPLE OF BIAFRA MR. NNAMDI Kanu as compared to Thief Uwazuruike.


1. Primary School:.        Cameron Rd  Aba Abia State.  (Teacher was Mrs. Akpa).  Primary continuation
                                          Library Avenue primary school Umuahia. (where he completed primary education).

2.  Secondary school:.  Government College Umuahia formerly (Fisher High School)  Some notable student products :-
                                          (A) Chinua Achebe. (b) Cyprian Ekwensi and (c). Ken  Saro-Wiwa and to mention just a few

3.  University:.                  Admitted and studied at University of Nigeria Nsukka as a boarding student and his hostel was Akintola Hall.  Some of his
                                            Closest friends are Samuel Ude, Chinyere Asuzu, Chidiebere Iwebuka and so many others.  THEN OFF TO LONDON

4.  LONDON                      Questing for more eduction based on his choice of Major, he was admitted to London Guildhall University (London
                                            Metropolitan university) For political science and economics.  GRADUATED 2ND CLASS UPPER

5.  HONORARY.                  Nnamdi Kanu was the only student to achieve 100% perfect score 16/16 in Professor Ann Phillips Department of political Science throughout
                                              her career as a Professor at London Metropolitan university.  The rest was history.  See and read the rest of his academic achievements at
                                              Official IPOB release  in response to Thief Uwazuruike's lies.

The Thief, Self acclaimed Chief Uwazuruike's character has been put into the spot light as a man of dubious character, fraudster which he lives on and also a liar.  We want him to account for his wealth acquisitions his educational qualification with reference to his law degree acclaimation.  We further question his achievements toward the restoration of Biafra other than embezzling funds contributed towards that effort.  He realizes now that he is a failure with no respect.

He has no morals and this is why he will go to any extent even if it means killing his own relative just to make money.  His followers have lost respect of his leadership and mud slinging against Nnamdi Kanu who has done nothing to him.  This is the type of individuals that dine with the enemy for a sell out.  For them money is blood and blood is money.  They care less as to whose life is being wasted.
If a man of this caliber will betray over 50 million of his people and will defame the leader of IPOB and go as far as to ally with a blood thirsty President to falsely testify leading to long incarceration or death of an innocent individual, why did he establish MASSOB?  Why has he not delivered as promised?  Now that Mr Madu has rejected his lies and throw their support to Nnamdi Kanu, they should hold him accountable for the failure of MASSOB and once and for all give him the boot.

Thief MASSOB Uwazuruike's is incorrigible, he is a criminal and this is all he knows.  There is nothing of good attribute you can apply to him.  This is one of the stumbling blocks I was referring to because to destroy any organization, all you have to do is accuse the leadership of embezzlement.  The problem with Uwazuruike's accusation is that Nnamdi Kanu is a man of high moral and intergrity and refused to sell out his over 50 million suffering Biafrans for blood money.  This is why he is still in detention and vouched death over sell out.  Uwazuruike's is incorrigible and I hope he stays healthy to live in Biafra so that he can witness the happiness of Biafrans without his contribution.

There are other Uwazuruike's alike and at this stage you should start getting ready to join your Hausa Fulani brothers with the worthless millions they have given you.  NNADI KANU thank you for opening our eyes.  Your records speaks for itself.  You were accused of hate speech for telling the truth.  All you said happened and it is still happening.  Some are still in bondage syndrome and will never wake up even after being beheaded in your own compound even after being chased away in your own house, farm and fathers land.

The white people have told you in no mistakable terms that there is nothing like Nigeria that it was an experiment by the British just for their economic benefits regardless of your life which they consider worthless.  Furthermore they have also revealed to you that putting the Hausa's, Ibo's and Yorubas is like putting oil and water together, they can never mix.  Have you not seen the result up till today?

This will be a different article for the hopeless fools clamoring for one Nigeria.  
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